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  1. "Second lead syndrome feels is strooongg" just like it came out of a kdrama. Kristel's life is really a kdrama in real life.

  2. I like Big boss for Kristel but after this, I'm rooting Hyung for Her. he's so caring and a good videographer. (well he is also very funny)

  3. Belated Happy Birthday Kristel.. Just be happy and healthy so we can see all your vlog… Love you.. I'm a fan of your batch on going bulilit.. 😘😘😘😘

  4. Natawa ako sa part nato 1:05 na may wish sya na maybe boyfriend Yung wish nya tapos… Ateh krystel baka sya na yung hinahanap mo😂❤️❤️

  5. He gave his jacket to Kristel. Then he took the scarf of Kristel. He was so sweet to @kristelfulgar 😍 😍 what is the meaning of that Mr. @awesomejosephhwang is there something you want to share to us?

  6. So far mas gusto ko tong video na to. With joseph. Kinikilig ako kahit wlang editing. Nagbaon pa sya ng squad, i like joseph for you kristel. Kaibig ibig syang lalaki. He made your birthday extra especial. Happy birthday kristel more vlogs with V-prisedent plsss😘 😍

  7. di na ako magtataka kung magiging the artista na si kristel sa korea eh may-ari pala to ng kompanya tong taong to 😂😂

  8. Calling him “hyung” is a way of her drawing the line. It seems like a kdrama.😝😝😝 Go Kristel, Bigboss is still my on the leading man.

  9. I know Big Boss..pero, please enlighten me….sino to si Hyung Joseph? 😅 mas gwapo si Big Boss. BUT, panalo naman sa effort si Joseph! 🥰

  10. Hello po Ka KrisTel, belated Happy birthday po kapatid. Nawa'y patnubayan ka pa ng Ama sa lahat ng iyong gawain. Ingatan ka sa bawat paglalakbay mo. I truly admire you and you're such an inspiration to all of us. Maraming Salamat po.

  11. Ka kristel. I have my reason to watch your Channel and that is because inuuna mo talaga si Ama bago ang lahat. I really admire you and also for your being Madasig sa pagsamba.😘😍 Make us proud all Ka kristel.❤

  12. Yung part na naglalaro na sa Claw Machine naalala ko yung scene sa "Whats wrong with secretary kim" na Kdrama Aweeee!!!! 💖💖💖💖

  13. The 2nd lead syndrome is really strong. My goodness. Im now starting to like Hyung Joseph because I can clearly see his efforts (I wonder if kristel could notice that) to make her happy. Like damn dude it's really obvious that he is really into her. I feel like I'm watching a kdrama right now. Sorry big boss but I give my points to Joseph. He is really extra to this vlog. I wish in the end she will not hurt Hyung because he's too kind to be hurt. Anyways, I'm excited for the future.
    Sorry for ain't loyal to big boss x kristel tandem but I go now to the Hyung x kristel ship.

  14. HALA kunyare ayaw sumakay Yung manager at president kasama si Joseph at kristel kasi na halata Nila gusto ni Hyung si kristel at Para bigyan ng alone time.

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