Gotti’s John Travolta Does His Iconic Grease Dance with Jimmy to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary

-Today is a big day, because
it’s the 40th anniversary of the premiere in New York
City, today, of “Grease.” -Amazing.
-And that’s cool. [ Cheers and applause ] -How about that?
-I can’t… I mean, also, just the fact
you made “Grease.” I know you’ve probably talked
about it a zillion times, but you’re such a great singer
in that, as well. -Aw, thank you. -We just had a karaoke party
the other day for our nieces. And they’re probably
10 or 12 years old. They all are singing your song
and doing you. They’re doing
impressions of you. I’m like — It’s just — Not only your singing,
but your dancing obviously. Everyone knows you
from your dancing, as well as your singing
and your acting. But I’m like —
The singing knocked me out. The dancing,
the part where you — At the end with
Olivia Newton-John. -The four corners, yeah.
-The four corners? -That’s a — Well, you know,
like in “Pulp Fiction,” I grew up with all these
kind of novelty dances. So, in “Grease,”
there were coming — They needed a step for that “You’re the One That I Want”
at the end. So I said, “Well,
we used to do the four corners. Why don’t we do that?” And then the choreographer said,
“Well, show it to me.” And I did and — -What is the —
Can you show it to me? -Sure. Come on.
Let’s do it. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -My gosh.
This is unbelievable! All right. All right.
What do I do? -Ready? [ Cheers and applause ] -What do I do? -Wait until it gets
into a good groove. -All right. All right.
So what do I do? -Right, left, back, back.
Right, left, back, back. Right, left, back, back.
Right, left, back, back. -You guys! John Travolta! “Gotti” opens this Friday! We’ll be right back
with Sophia Bush Stick around, everybody! -♪ The one I need,
oh, yes, indeed ♪ ♪ You’re the one that I want ♪ ♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh, honey ♪ ♪ The one that I want ♪

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  1. I love this actor, I'm a 50 years old man, and i remember since i a was child, the huge admiration i feel for the work's of John Travolta!!!

  2. Travolta is so stupid that he can barely carry his end of a conversation. That is why it is Jimmy Fallon's job and talent, as a host, to make low-IQ celebrities like Travolta seem interesting, when in fact it is Jimmy himself doing most of the talking.

  3. Jimmy is just terrible at interviewing people. Why doesn’t he just sucks everyone’s dick.
    Jimmy “you are so great, everyone loves you, you are the best, this is incredible “


  4. He still looks so sexy, despite the years… a Million Likes for this video, for both you guys: Jimmy and John!!!

  5. Remember when Olivia Newton-John tried to get Jimmy to sing and dance "You're the One that I Want"? Wish he had done it. They removed that video from YT.

  6. I was 11 the year Grease came out. And I remember my brother was old enough to drive so after my parents left for work we left for the movie theater at 6am to get in line right away. We were first in line. And their were about 50 people in line after us. When they opened up at 10. It was great and a memory I will hold onto forever

  7. "Grease"was my mother's all-time favorite movie.She loved John Travolta soo much.I was told she went to see that movie over a dozen times at least if not more.No one would have guessed in just a short 6 years later,1978-1984,she would be killed in a car crash.My life forever changed that day,growing up without a mother or my bastard of a so called worthless father.Thank god for my grandparents who raised my brother and me.And now my grandparents along with my brother are with my mother,happy together in heaven or wherever they may be.Dam I miss them all soo very much and I can't wait till I see them all again…

  8. I saw "Grease" on June 17, 1978. It was playing in only one theater in Boston so my sister took me and I remember that "Jaws 2" came out the same day. I also remember seeing an Elton John music video and trailers for "Animal House", "Heaven Can Wait" and "Foul Play". It was a non matinee and when I got home my mother wanted to go to the movies at a other theater to see "Capricorn One". What I didn't know was there was a shot of Elliot Gould and James Brolin running together. Barbara Streisand's first husband, Gould and the future husband of Streisand, Brolin.

  9. Ни слова не поняла, да и понимать нечего!!! Одно слово- как бедрышком движение выполнит – уже шедевр! Обожаю много-много лет!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Don't laugh…but as a 10 year old girl in 1996.. from Harlem…my crushes were John..Bruce and Conan…no lie..😀😀🤣🤣

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