Gourmet Dinner in the Eiffel Tower

(gentle music) (bouncy, relaxing music) – I’ve been cruising around
Paris and I’ve worked up quite an appetite and now
I’m gonna treat myself to a four-course meal
at the 58 Tour Eiffel. My stomach is grumbling, it’s time to eat. (romantic music) Merci beaucoup. (speaking French) So tonight I’m being
treated to four courses. Starter, an appetizer,
two entrees, and dessert. But I’m gonna have a hard
time focusing on the food because the view out the
window is incredible. So I’m gonna be doing a lot of this, this. – Now I pour you the
soup, the mushroom soup. – Cream of Mushroom, look at that. Oh, nice. There’s definitely a
reason why French cuisine is famous world-wide. It just tastes so good. I love it. – [Waiter] Fried scallops. – Wow. – [Waiter] And champagne sauce. – So the food at this
restaurant is seasonal, which is really cool. And right now scallops are on the menu. And it depends what time
of year you come here as to what kind of meal you’re gonna get. It’s not often I hold my plate up, but this one deserves a little admiration. That is artwork right there. Look at this. This has truly been a magical experience up here in the Eiffel Tower. Eating an amazing meal with these views. The sun is going down. Wow. You gotta try this out.

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