Governors Island Jazz Age Lawn Party – Michael Arenella (Dreamland Orchestra)

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  1. If you have any questions about Governors Island or the Jazz Age Lawn Festival, let us know in the comments below!

  2. Went to Governor’s Island last year for the Vendy Awards. Love the ferry ride and the views of the city

  3. It looks like an awesome event! We got a very similar event here where there lots of old cars and lots of performers too in a ship dock and everyone is in WW2 and 1920’s costume! Thank you for sharing guys x 👍🏼😊😘

  4. This video reminded us ''Great Gatsby'' movie. It is one of our favourite films and we felt like we were on its set! We loved this ambiance:D

  5. Really cool! I believe Daniel and Naz went there last year or the year before.
    Governors island is really a cool escape to the the crazy NYC life

  6. Kıyafetlerinize ba-yıl-dım 🙂 tek kelimeyle ikiniz de harika görünüyorsunuz. Çok isterdim ben de orada olmayı ve oradaki atmosferi hissetmeyi. Sayenizde çok keyifli bir festivalden haberim oldu 🙂 teşekkürler

  7. Kıyafetler, danslar, ortam şahane, çok keyifli bir festivale benziyor. Enerjiniz de ne güzel geçiyor insana…

  8. Your video theme is great and always appeals to me. I drew the famous streets of Melbourne. Traveling with the painter. Let us work hard together.

  9. I loved New york city
    Hello dear my new friend
    How are you doing?
    Thank you for sharing great performance
    Jazz dancing festival👍👍
    You guys did awesome job👍👍
    Very enjoyed it
    Greetings from korea
    Stay blessed
    See you soon

  10. Wow great video.👍🏼 thanks for sharing my friend. I joined your channel and watched 'til the end hope you join me as well. I'd like to be your friend and i am legit😁 il see you around😁381

  11. Bu tarz ve danslar cok yakismis size 😍 Jazz'i zaten severiz, videonuzu izleyince, en azindan muzik acip dinleyelim dedik 😄

  12. This looks like SUCH a blast! I love dressing up for parties. Last January I hosted a 1950s theme murder mystery party at my place, and last summer we went to a 1920s bowling party. I had the best dress for that – hope I can find a time to wear it again! Will have to hit this party up if I'm ever in NY at the right time! 🙂

  13. Wow!!! This is awesome!!! Love this video! The dancing 💃 Aww so cute! 64 big like! 👍 for a beautiful couple! Well done!! Such a fun looking festival I am a native New Yorker! So I very much appreciate this! 💕💓

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