Grade 1A invites you to celebrate New Year in Lukomorye, Russia| Annette Marseille

We chose the country of Lukomorye! Pushkin did not invent this country, it was real. It was located in Siberia. Our class decided to arrange a New year in Pushkin’s Lukomorye, because this year is Pushkin’s anniversary. In Lukomorye there’s a green oak, And to it with a gold chain bound, A learned cat whiles away the hours by walking slowly round and round. To right he walks, and sings a ditty To left he walks, and tells a tale. On trails unknown to man there are unseen animals. There are no trails, because everything is overgrown with our beautiful pine trees. There stands a tiny hut on chicken feet. To Baba Yaga came Ded Moroz, Snegurochka and the Snowman. They invite Baba Yaga for the new year’s holiday in the city. *experienced Snegurochka* This is the epic hero Nikitich. His name’s Dobrynyushka. This is his friend, Gorynych. They guard Lukomorye. And the dragonlets fly around Lukomorye, give out gifts, play with the children. Near the oak tree and the pine tree they sing songs loudly. So girls, let’s sum everything up. How was the New year celebrated in ancient Rus’? There were dances around the Christmas tree, children’s games, gifts and fairy tales! Oh, what a charm these tales are! Our great poet said And nanny Arina’s fairy tales Easily turned into poems. Please accept our congratulations. Let Lukomorye miracles Keep you from troubles and misfortunes. And be always happy!

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