[Granblue Fantasy] 6th Anniversary Stream Recap & Impressions

Hey folks, how’s it going?
The Stream ended a few hours ago and I took some time to collect my thoughts and some
clips to work on for a quick recap and to share my impressions on it. The translated
informations come from the @granblue_en twitter, which I strongly suggest you give a follow! So, the stream starts with the usual greetings
and quickly moves to the Stats and Records, sadly no Gislas are mentioned so we don’t
know whether Yuki Ono managed to keep his throne or not.
The stats are mostly irrelevant, they just show which of the Eternals and Evokers are
the most popular. The only slide I’m going to leave a comment on is going to be the Evoker
recruitment number. Last stream there were only 2 people with 6 Evokers, which now became
almost 4 thousand, while 118 people managed to get a 7th one. Still nobody with an 8th
Evoker, I’m afraid I’ve overshot my prediction! The rest of the stats are about the Handbook
and Weapon Uncaps, with a whopping 476 players owning all 12 5* Dark Opus weapons! The one
slide that interests me though is going to be the Solo Lucillius HL number, which grew
from the 136 of December to almost 2 thousand! Well… I guess that’s higher than 200 so
I’m going to count this one. Sadly no Sticker Stats, so that’s another
dead tile. The games were just quitzes and so far the
only things making their rounds on twitter are MAO being overly excited and one VA looking
disgusted at a Leviathan plushie. Things are looking kinda dire for this bingo. After the games and happy birthday messages
from other Vas it’s finally time to move on to the announcements, and the first thing
they show is a new 18 Man HL raid called Lindwyrm! This is also where the Battle System 2.0 is
going to come into play! Characters are going to have a Guard mode,
in which they’ll take less damage but become unable to attack. It might actually be alright
to counter some Reflects or skip turns against bosses immune to damage if you’re not bringing
Dispels. Lindwyrm has no Mode Bar, in its place there
will be a Special Attack indicator. I’d love to see this in most other raids as well, so
you’ll know when a boss is going to attack or simply buff.
The characters in your team will also be highlighted should they become possible targets of an
attack. Currently they’ve shown 3 different indicators for Single Target, Random Multi-Hit
and AoE skills. One thing I’m not too fond of is the rework
of the Chain Burst System. Each Charge Attack will add a 10% meter to a party-wide Chain
Burst bar and said Chain Burst will go off only when the bar will reach 100%, dealing
damage (same damage as of now it seems, 1.6M) based on the Main Character’s Element.
Hopefully to try and counter the extreme slow down this change will bring, the Chain Burst
will also have secondary effects based on their element, for example a Fire Chain Burst
will buff your team, while a Light one will heal.
My main worry here is going to be about a possible change to future Guild Wars, since
I still have to rely on that extra 1.6 to 2.5 million nuke in order to properly OTK
the EX+. This also kinda nerfs all the weapons and
characters that boost the Chain Burst Damage Cap, but we’ll have to see if, when and where
it’s going to be implemented. I think we might even see some characters boosting the Chain
Burst Gauge with new skills or after getting rebalanced, it is kind of a new mechanic after
all and there’s going to be ways to play around with it.
So, on one side it’s going to bring some nice quality of life improvements, on the other
it’s not going to Delete the Reload Button, it’s not going to force the Turn Lenght on
players or turn the combat into something unrecognizeable so I guess I’ll be taking
this slot. After a quick Versus Segment, during which
they shock the world by reveling Zooey as the 5th Season 1 character, we move on to
some free gifts. The first one will be another Anniversary
Weapon Pick Ticket and… there’s a Scales in there…
I don’t think I’ll be looking much into it, just grab that Scales of Dominion and start
working it into a few grids. The second gift is going to be a 1 ULB Magna
Weapon per Element, level 200, Skill Level 20.
This time they’re even giving away an ULB Chevalier Sword and a Second ULB Celeste Claw
(the first one was from the Anime some time back). This is kinda great, actually saves
a ton of time and skill fodder! And while not really a “Gift”, the Anniversary
Ticket is going to let you pick any character, including Limited ones released up to last
Christmas. There will be a few exceptions though, like Kumbhira and some more recent
Grand Characters. As a first Anniversary Campaign we’re getting
a Daily Scratcher! It comes with 9 spaces and if you match 3 of the items in them, you
win that item. They’re showing a Parazonium, a Lucifer Summon, a Tier 3 Ring and some Crystals
but I’m not really going to sit here and believe it’s going to be those every day. But we’ll
see! It starts on the 10th after all! Again coming out on the 10th are going to
be the Anniversary skins for Aglovale and Clarisse.
Strangely enough there was no contest or voting campaign for them, still, Clarisse looks cute
as hell. Always on the 10th, alongside Lindwyrm, we’re
also getting the first of the 6 Dragons, the Fire one!
The rest of them will be released one pe week going on from there and boy oh boy do they
look stunning! I’ve always had kind of a thing for Fire, but I’m loving the Jellyfish as
the water Dragon and that massive titan just strolling around with islands near its shins
that is the Earth one! With the 6 Dragons also comes a new Draconic
Weapon Series. These weapons will not be useable alongside
the Dark Opusses and come with 3 skills each. A Progression Type skill (Attack up as turns
pass), a Defensive skill granting Def Up or Elemental Damage Reduction and a Majesty skill
that can be either Primal or Magna. After the 6 Dragons comes the New Class segment!
A short trailer shows both of the new classes in action, the Lumberjack is going to receive
assists from Forest Animals after performing certain actions and the newly revealed class,
the Cavalier comes in as a Spear and Gun specialty class whose playstyle changes based on the
equipped weapon! I’m crossing off 2 squares here and I can’t
wait to see them released! Also, some older T4 Classes are getting some
new skills, but there’s no translation available for these yet. March is also going to see the release of
a new Summer character, which is… Teena. Don’t get me wrong she’s plenty cute but…
Teena? She feels kind of an anonymous character, hopefully her Summer version will fix that.
I wonder if this means we’ll see a Summer Feena or Summer Gobu though…
Well, along with a new Summer Character come some new EX Poses, these ones are going to
Heles, Narmaya and Sara. Another Limited Character released this month
is going to be Mugen. No info on whether he’ll be released on Legfest or Flashfest but that’s
a bit disappointing. He doesn’t really have a big presence in the Eternals event and I
don’t think there was that big of a reason to turn him into a Limited Character. Moving on, there’s a few quality of life improvements,
starting with the Arcarum Ticket Availability seeing a nice boost from 30 to 90 tickets.
This change will also be retroactive so if you’re already purchased a stack extension,
you won’t have to do anything. The Stashes are also seeing a nice 100 slots
expansion. And then there’s the best QoL update ever: being able to roll 10 Single Tickets
at a time! They probably won’t have a guaranteed SR in them, but honestly, who cares.
Also, Cerberus and Fenrir weapons are being added to the Renown Pendant shop for 2500
and 5000 pendants. For this months’ Uncap we got… Vane!
The update will come on the 24th and there’s plenty of time to max him out before the Guild
War. With him all the dragon knights have a 5*
Version! Moving on with the updates coming on the 24th,
there’s going to be an option to consume one of each Archangel Halo for Elixirs plus some
self buffs if you want to solo some specific (unannounced) raids.
Grand Order and Kaguya are also getting their 4* Uncap!
Grand Order gets a 5% Damage to Null Element Foes while Kaguya gets a nice 10% Boost to
XP. They’re also putting an end to the Angel Halo
Hell by forcing the Dimensional Halo to spawn every 10 runs!
Still on the 24th, we’ll see the change to the Skill Level items and the deletion of
said items from everyone’s boxes, so make sure to use them. This will pair with a fantastic
update to the Skill Leveling system now offering an Auto Skill Up option!
Lastly, another UI Update will allow you to swap your characters around without having
to to on their profile, click replace and choose another member of your team to swap
them with. Some real neat stuff!
It might also be time to buy and uncap those Shrimp Spreaders, since doing so it’s going
to grant a new Wonder that will increase theExperience Gain by 1% from Friday to Sunday. (I’m still
kinda waiting for Playable Friday though…) That’s it for March, now comes the Updates
going Live in April. It begins with a 4* Uncap for Tier 1 Summon
Raid weapons! 4* Eches and Auberons! Fire magna is saved and I’m crossing another square
off my Bingo Card! Late April will see a 000 Rerun and a little
update to what you get if you unlock the Blue Skin, Eternal Weapon Skins. They look quite
nice but… you need the Blue Eternal Skin to get them… May is when everyone will be able to get their
hands on the new Astral Weapons with the 33% EX Mod, they will come from a new Beezelbub
Raid! Also in May, the 100 Gold Moon Weapons are
going to get a 5* Uncap as well as a Rebalance and I’m suddently not so sure I want to go
for that Sierotix anymore… There’s also plans to release a new way to
grant characters extra stats or buffs by feeding them materials, these are going to be “Awakening
levels” and hopefully they won’t be RNG based like the Rings. More new content approaches under the form
of a Tower. A lot of games have these sort of semi-endless towers, usually with the top
at 100 floors or something and I must say I’m not against the idea, especially if it’s
more of a marathon sort of deal where you don’t recover Cooldowns and Health between
one floor and the other. For the Towe of Babylon in Granblue they say they want you to use
multiple parties to climb it and swap them out to face different challenges so I’ve got
to admit I’m interested! And finally, a news we’ve all been waiting,
the cancellation of Guild Wars! Of course I’m kidding, but only halfway, since
they’ve been talking about a new type of event awarding Valor Badges that is not going to
be PvP but Crew-based and might even potentially replace some Unite and Fights.
I’m hoping it’s a Defense Order rework, I’ve been wanting that skin for so long now and
if it’s going to replace some Guild Wars it’s probably just going to be in the case 2 Guild
Wars would end up scheduled in 2 consecutive months.
Well, we’re getting close to the end, but this is where things get kind of scary.
Coming up sometime in 2020 (but please feel free to delay them as long as you wish), a
new Uncap Level for the Eternals. I don’t even want to begin imagining what’s
going to take to bring them to 6* and apparently their level is going to be raised to 150 as
well. I can already hear the cries of the slimes trying to escape our wrath as we’ll
need to run a 24/7 extermination of the poor things. Collab-wise, they’ve only announced one, and
it’s going to be the usual Summer Idol one, except this time we’re back to Idolmaster!
Another Box to cross off for me! The Anime is sadly not seeing a Third Season
(yet), but the next Blue Ray will come with the cutest Ferry Skin to date.
After a bunch of Merchandise we’re down to the last slide and as predicted, the Roulette
will be back! From march 10 to March 30, with the Guaranteed 100 Roll landing on a Legfest!
There’s no 200 Roll on that picture and there was no mention of a Rock-Paper-Scissors, but
the roulette is going to pair with the Scratch Ticket campaign as well as gifting everyone
one third of a spark for free! Sadly though, there was a severe lack of Character
EMPs as well as any mention of Re:Link so my Bingo sheet ended up being kind of a disaster,
even a mention of the Arcarum Update could have saved it. Still, we’fe got quite a ton
of stuff to look forward to and March 10 is going to be kind of insane… see you then
I guess! Ciao!

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  1. Man, so much stuff to be hyped for. My egg grid will be saved and medusa harps/auberons might be worth having another look at. Two new classes tomorrow, which I'll be able to use for the next GW tournament. On that, less GW and more multi team events are right up my alley. The scratch campaign running alongside roulette.
    However, even though I have every 5* eternal, I'm not looking forward to the 6* any more than you. I just want to focus on oracles and not have another massive grind for the eternals again. I also don't know who I'd prioritise first. Better start the light scale grind up again, though.

  2. Me too, I like Teena…

    but damn they missed an opportunity to make Summer Lucio playable right there.


  3. I heard that the dragon weapons are an alternative to Opus, being somewhat weaker, while being more accessible. Hopefully they don't require a gold brick, because I have absolutely no interest in farming those outside of maybe GW.

  4. Maybe i missed it but you forgot to mention we are also getting 6x EXP up which im looking forward to the most cause i have a lot of characters the get emp points with

  5. My light team is frothing at the mouth at that second Chev sword and ticket going to my girl Halloween Hallesena.

  6. goddamn!
    i just about this close to get my first flb eternal, and they going to update 6*?!
    i believe gbf will last forever at this rate!! long life the skyfarers!!

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