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So today’s recipe is Mutton curry and it is not the regular mutton curry but the way my grandmother cooks it. “Grandmother come here” “today we are making your recipe of mutton curry” My grandmother makes yummy mutton curry and I am going to try and follow the same recipe She has told me what all to add and what all to not add So it is not my recipe “This is your recipe” “okay?” So lets see how I make this recipe today. “We will meet at the time of eating mutton curry grandmother” So to make this recipe we require 750 grams or 700 grams goat meat in which we have added a lot of oil. You can see that the meat has left some oil here. And along with that we need here To make this we are using mustard oil So our first process is to make marination. First of all in this mutton we will add A little more than 1 tbsp only a little bit of turmeric. Don’t add more. And To this add onions. And add some mustard oil. Just mix all of it properly If you want a good colour in the dish Then use Kashmiri chilli powder. You can use some of it. But this wont make the food spicy it is only for colour This is optional So after this marination we have to at least keep it aside for half and hour If you don’t want to wait for half an hour then at least keep it for 15 minutes. Now this is ready and after 15-20 mins we will start cooking it So now almost 30 minutes have passed. Now we will wait as the oil heats For this we will use mustard oil After it becomes hot we have to add bay leaf Entire red chilli.Don’t break it as it will become very spicy after breaking it. Two entire garlic Mix the garlic pieces well with the oil. This is very spicy cinnamon so I am not using a lot of it. After it becomes a little hot then we have to add this mutton and be careful that whenever we buy mutton try that the size of mutton should be 8-10kgs. If you take a bigger size then it doesn’t taste that good.Many people must have tried why the mutton doesn’t taste the same this is the main reason or you are buying the wrong meat or the size of the mutton is too big so try to buy as small as you can buy. now it has been heated properly add mutton to it make sure you don’t use a pan make use of a cooker we are not closing the lid just covering it so we have to be careful that we remove the lid and check it and keep on frying it if you don’t do it then there is a chance of the burning of onion and mutton now 2-3 minutes have passed. after every 2-3 minutes you have to keep on stirring it. and now its flame is high when it has been cooked for 10-15 minutes then reduce the flame to medium and then reduce it again Now almost 15 minutes have passed. Now add this paste we will open the lid first and reduce the flame to medium Now we have added the spices after that we will fry this for more 10-15 minutes. and will add tomatoes to it usually what happens is that people complain that whenever you are making mutton then it smells of goat so there are 2-3 ways to solve this either you wash it with hot water but the smell never goes away entirely. or else add some lemon water or you can even add lemon in lukewarm water just add 1 lemon.if you use more lemon then then your mutton becomes very sour so try to use half lemon itself or even less than that add it to the mutton leave it for half hour and you can clean it this way. in this way the smell will reduce a bit but it wont go entirely so now we will wait for it to be cooked. now we are cooking it at a very low flame. now add salt it is a little less than two spoons add a little less only if you feel the salt is less then you can even add it later. but if you add more then you will be left with no option. now you can see that the onion has been cooked properly so now on low flame we will keep on frying this now lets see how the colour has turned out to be. we are cooking it on a really low flame now add tomatoes try that the onion that you chop are not very thinly diced if you are making mutton then try that the onion that you dice is thick in size so that it doesn’t burn as it takes a long time for mutton to cook we have already added the tomatoes. now we will again cover it. we will taste it now to check whether the salt is perfect or not. after this we have to add water but my tomato has not been cooked properly yet so we have to cook it well first you can see the colour has turned pretty nice we had taken some cardamom that is the green as well as black cardamom that we have to add now.I know you must be thinking that we had to add this initially but as I said that this is not my recipe but my grandmother’s so she asked me to add it later so its aroma remains for a longer period. that is why I have added it last we will finally taste it for salt we have to add water after sometime we need a little bit of more salt so mutton takes a little more time to cook so let it take its time now again cover it unless it does’t become to leave oil till then we don’t have to add water so lets check whether it is ready or not. the colour has come really well. now increase the flame to high. if we don’t increase the flame then it will become a little sweet just keep it on high for 2 seconds and then put the whistle on it this will take minimum minimum 6-7 whistles if it is a big mutton then or you are not sure than minimum you have to do 6-7 whistles so now lets wait for this to cook so now we will add water it is ready the gravy has been cooked properly to this add around one glass of water. not much depends whether you have it with roti then try that it has thick gravy if having with rice than we will have a little more curry that is normal because with rice everyone needs more gravy I feel a little more water will be added to this perfect now turn the flame to high and close the lid now it has been closed properly now we will wait as i said for 6-7 whistles it will be ready in maximum 6-7 whistles and when your mutton is ready then you don’t have to open the lid of the cooker immediately so try that you open it after 10-15 minutes so it will be slightly warm nor very hot nor very cold at that time the taste of mutton then you can taste that yes the mutton you eat at home you don;t get the proper taste so try that it is little warm so now our mutton curry is ready and lets see how our curry has turned out to be as said we will wait till 8 whistles perfect now it is completely ready you people decide what is to be made in next video any suggestions or requests please share with me we shall meet in the next video

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  1. Again some random shit in the name of cooking as if the rest of the world don’t know anything about cooking .Another channel in the hunt of earning sympathy in the name of grand pa grand Maa …

  2. लहसुन खोलकर कलिंया डालनी चाहिये उसमें कभी कभी किडे निकलते हैं

  3. Main Bihar se hun aur hmare yahan bhi mutton aise hi banate hain bas hm whole garlic use nhi karte aur na hi tmater use karte hain.

  4. Bhai main bhi almost isi tarike se banata hun,Bihari style of cooking hai ye 😀,Mere dadaji ki bhi aise hi recipe thi, 3 cheezain batana chahunga.. 1)Tomato ka use thoda sweet flavor dega jo ki most of the log pasand nahi karte hain, 2) Elaichi last me use karna behtar hoga just before sealing through lid. 3) 1-2 teaspoon ghee me garam masala add kar ke low flame pe 10second daalne ke baad mutton me final chaunk jaise waqt pe 2 min lid close kar ke serve karne se aur bhi behtar taste aa payega ☺️

  5. अगर आपको मटन की स्मेल खत्म करनी है तो उसके लिए मटन का जो पानी होता है उसको बिल्कुल Jalana है उसके बाद इसमें पानी डालें

  6. Good recipe and quite a unique way of cooking … But please place the microphone properly…if you listen to this video over the headphones ..the noise is too jarring and the banging you do with the ladle on the cooking was way too much… I'm sure this tasted superb.. my love to your granny and thank you both .

  7. Lalik kr.g yeh aapka baddppan hy jo nani dadi ky aadresho kihumy orerna di.thnx nani aapki recipy bilkul hat ky thi.thnx sir g

  8. One of the strange cooking I've come across.. the guy knows nothing. Can make out how he uses his hands while marinating and stirring the mutton through out.

  9. Aap without tomoto ke banana chahiye tha aur kya yah Panjabi tipe ka hain toh thik hain ji greavy and full testy motton banaaye sir thank

  10. Hi Lallit sahib buhat khoob Nani ki tarkeeb hai buhat hi Mazaidar lag raha hai zarror tri karna hai Nani ki koi bhi cheez galatt nahi ho sakti hai thanks again

  11. Wow put it in gotta garlic it's different …….m sure u belongs to bihar……First time watching ur recipy it's awesome

  12. So, what do you do with the whole garlic? Throw it away? Seems a little.odd though… Anyway, it looks good to taste otherwise!

  13. Pressure cooker me banaoge to 10mins me hojayega. Or v easy process me or v aachhi bansakti h. But your respect to your elders is very much appreciated.
    May GOD bless you.

  14. Good recipe. But what different in Bihar mutton curry is we don't use tomatoes at all. Only onions are good for spicy flavour

  15. Shandaar recipe hai aur aap ne mutton kharidne aur lemon qty par jo tips diye wo bohot achey hain ye koi batata hi nahi thank you

  16. Omg my favourite food is mutton. I taste it so yummy when I visited in india. Thanks for this. I want to cook this recipe soon.

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