Great Scottish Gift Ideas (for Christmas or Birthdays!)

either this box go here bringing you another vlog and today we’re gonna be looking at what are some of the base Christmassy Skopje gifts to get people this is really easy this is just a day for Christmas you’ve got a week I think very roughly until Christmas so this is giving you some last-minute gift ideas if you’ve got a family member some do that subspace with Scotland if you’ve got something your family that’s a foodie get whiskey Scotch Scotch whisky whatever you wanna call it just get them whiskey like with skis like what are the basis you can get it something no matter what you’re thinking Moscow my family don’t drink my family religious weed was like drank they don’t like alcohol bah-bah-bah it’s fine once if I the taste of scotch whiskey they will become alcoholics it’s a good thing you give them the whiskey feed them at even if you have to show a funnel in their mouths when they’re sleeping like once you get that taste of the sweet golden egg tart they’re gonna love it and then they’re really good appreciate the gift you know I mean they’re standing up there being still remember to thank you I know the season of getting gifts for like like pace and things right think if you get a dog scorched in your girlfriend go to time know what you’re probably get but mom school is a skoshe area is like such a small epi dog okay I want in something about beggar something that’s friendly something that’s cute something that’s cuddly and and and just you know a little bit bigger than a squash teddy get them a Highland Cougars like your cousin Lee they’re cute they’re frame lady your baguette I like you nobody to be up say something forgetting them a Highland coos a page just beware if you’re like NSD that’s quite warm that you may need to take it to the vase every now and again you get it all shaved off so it doesn’t overheat because it has go quite a big really cool but there you can be getting like true Christmas jumpers and stuff is the gift that keeps on giving or you know just get named whiskey – they’re drunk enough maybe they’ll forget that they want you to pit in the first place what about your family that’s religious what about something that’s really religious wouldn’t you get them in terms of E Scottish gifts don’t worry I’ve got you covered right so other than just getting them whiskey and person to drink and you know all of that stuff however you get them tickets to the inter Fringe Festival and the August I mean they’ve got a little just stuff for Scientology that goes on that’s village n right perfect there you go Teague let subside told you really cheap things happening give them tickets in a number French face if I get tickets to something Scientology or elite eat you’re welcome what if you’ve got something that’s into like literature and like this very sophisticated well well don’t worry about that we’ve got you covered to your tooth you could get them a bruise or a really comic strip because nothing seized sophistication like you’re really broad Scottish leave written comic book full of a you endures and other really fun quirky habits I mean you can usually get these for like you know I don’t know ten quid or something or you could just get the West Gate give them super drunk and in a bar what they eat it’s gonna look like it’s friend and Scots language anyway what if you’ve got something your family it’s a history buff Scotland’s got loads of history I’ve got you Sora T on eBay you can buy 1.7 kilograms of rocks from Scotland has city people like for ops right there and all that kind of stuff just give them a Scottish rock for Christmas hungry is that they’ll love that just tell me it’s from like a non bacon dip this in Scotland did that pebbles probably older than all the views in the room combined there you go Santi and can I just see you can get them on eBay for about equip there’s no need to thank me hold your applause no need to thank me if you’ve got something that lives in a city centre though and maybe rocks aren’t your thing you can buy them a jar of Scottish year from eBay look up it’s legitimate you can buy a Scottish jars of Scottish year for me be yes your own copy no even you can not even joking you can even Bend on Scotia there are bigger jars or smaller jars as ones that comes bulbs if you don’t like glass or you could just get the whiskey and in it doesn’t really matter that they’re NSA said oh they’ll be so drunk that the probably end up somewhere else in the world and and it may even end up into conscious fates may even end up in Scotland if you’re looking for a genuinely Scottish get stored here you could always get them some I don’t know some squash t-shirt so we have a really cool one and it’s an hour line of merchandise rain oh that sees F please return to Scotland you can purchase that on a link at the end of the video is available on rate bubble at wolves would be in a video description both you can get my heat you back sure if you get them out we got which allows our last chart is male or you could give them a drink of whiskey because that seems to be the common theme in this video now you would think the Scottish people like to drink alcohol well that’s all we’ve got time for today though if you enjoyed this video please please leave a like because it really helps vo don’t forget to subscribe it’s free to subscribe to our youtube channel and I put up a new video every single week don’t forget to follow me on social media have Twitter and Instagram or where I’m at my most access and I answer pretty much any question it comes at me on Twitter and I will see you next week with another vlog but until then hates you back guys

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  1. No need to thank me guys, I know I saved your Christmases… but what is some of the strangest gifts you guys have ever gotten?

  2. First of all, the rock idea is a good one…I brought home a rock from Scotland when I last visited. And as far as the unusual gifts go, one Christmas I received the ownership of one square inch of Scotland… paperwork included.

  3. When you were describing something bigger than a Scotti dog, I immediately thought "a scotsman" lol. But no Highland Coo is soo much better. Theyre so adorable!

  4. I'm bringing my brother and my mother to Edinburgh for a week-end to see a France vs Scotland of the 2018 six nations tournament, and you're giving me a good idea. I'm gonna buy some whisky !
    Good video, thanks Mosco.

  5. Bahaha – You are my spirit animal. I love it! Alaskans like to drink alcohol, too! Especially whiskey, both Scotch whiskey and American whiskey. I'm trying to get Shaun to come here. You should come too 😉

  6. Whisky!!!! Yes, Whisky!!!! That’s brilliant!!! I’m sending a link to this video to all of my family & friends, colleagues, casual acquaintances, people I pass in the street, my entire Twitter following, and even a few people I know who hate my guts!! Get me whisky for Christmas!!! Mosco, you’re BRILLIANT!!!!

  7. “Once they’ve had a taste of Scottish whisky, they’ll become an alcoholic” 🤣😂🤣 I love your sense of humor!!!!

  8. When you said about people interested in history the word Braveheart came to mind but thankfully you avoided that one or I would have had to open the usquebae.

  9. If a family member wants a Scottish pet why not get a West Highland White Terrier? Can you do a video on West Highland White Terriers?

  10. T-Mobile is a week 2 xmas btw moscow u have inspired me for so long so I would like to thank u and give u a vid idea this idea is to tell the ups and skins of living a Scottish lifestyle and explain why I love u so much have a good xmas 😜😘

  11. Whiskey, dogs, whiskey, cults, whiskey, comic books, whiskey, rocks, whiskey, air, whiskey, merch, whiskey. Absolutely brilliant. You should come up with a version of the Twelve Days of Christmas and fit all of this stuff in the song.

  12. Miss Mosco, you are the sweetest little thing. but your to young for drink. so maybe you should settle for a iron-brew or two. LOL Merry Christmas from South Carolina.

  13. Mosco, Air in Jars? You lot are so advanced. Over here we just sell it in bags on eBay. Whisky Why didn't I think of that. I just get Scottish beer. You always think of the good stuff. As for religious items: I just get A Scottish flag. It has a Saint Andrews cross on it. Loved the video as always. Your so funny.

  14. When your done letting out the Scottish air, you can fill your jar with whiskey! 😂 Great video as always. Love you Mosco.

  15. It’s actually a tradition to get my older brother a oor wullie and Browns Annual every year. He’s now 20 and we still do it

  16. Christmas gifts for me – a case of Irn Bru! And Sorry Mosco but I prefer the taste of Irish Whiskey over Scotch! I know – shame on me! LOL

  17. What? The Scottish people have a love for alcohol? I think we could be friends. 🥃 happy holidays Moscow. 🎄✌🏻

  18. I legit want a highland coo though…… I am flying home to the US from Scotland in a week.. you think I could bring a highland coo as my carry on item?

  19. I love your vids and I keep telling my mom about you so she can watch them too. I showed her this one and we were both crackin up laughing so thank you for bringing us a little closer together this christmas.

  20. I’m not a big drinker. That said, my first sip of ‘the golden nectar’ I was sold, love 💕 love 😋 love 🥃🥃🥃

  21. Love this video. It is now my #1. Right from the start you got me laughing. Thank you so very much. I didn't realise how much as needed just to honestly laugh. Definitely gonna share.

  22. Literary crowd can't actually go wrong with great collected high quality bound copies of Robbie Burns!!! And the scotch to enjoy with it! 😆🥃📘

  23. "They've got Scientology stuff. That's religions, right?!" 

    Ok, THAT made me chuckle. (Seriously though, Scientology meets all the criteria for a freaking cult, and if so many backers didn't have the kind of money and upper end social influence they do, they'd have been taken down as such a looooooooong time ago.)

  24. Scottish heart, American pride! That's me!
    Tha thu uamhasach agus is toigh leam do sianal! (You are awesome and I love your channel!)

  25. Thanks for the reasonable suggestions. Finally found my whiskey. Took a bit of (fun) experimenting. So many more to try too. Thanks Mosco.

  26. I'd be a pure poor excuse for a Scot. I really dinnae drink alcohol. Don't force it doon me throat either. No gauna work.

  27. My friend gets me booze every year. It's always some kind of new and exciting alcohol. But this year All I Want for Christmas Is be around my family. They're all in Seattle Washington well I'm here in Enid Oklahoma. Or some snow.

  28. Just got home from visiting the beautiful country of Scotland. I miss being there so much. By far my favorite place I’ve ever been!

  29. It’s good to see scottish YouTube’s these days! All of them are Americans or English, when I see someone like u doing so well on YouTube it make me feel proud to be Scottish

  30. I must thank you for these recommendations.  I will have to get all of them for my beloved wife.  These will get me back in her good graces.  Next year you should help us out with the 12 days of Scottish Christmas.

  31. Hey just found your channel today I love it I watched a bit my grandmother was from Firth and I've a few Weegie friends . Good to meet you.

  32. Too funny mosco! Am from greenock just down from glasgow lookin over eh dunoon and kilcreggan died about the highland coo as a gift absolute buckled man! , a think you should do a video of scottish animals and what we have , we all know americans have bears wolve's , moose , etc but does anyone ever think (other then highland coo's) what other animals are actually in scotland! I think that would be a crackin wee video and very educational if you take it into thought ! Really love your vids and now a loyal subbie! X

  33. I wonder what would happen if somebody actually showed up at their relative's on Christmas morning with a highland coo. "Look what I brought you guys! Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!"

  34. My Daughter wanted to buy me some new jeans but couldn't find them in my size so she got me a 1.75 ltr of Grants blended scotch whiskey.

  35. I don't drink alcohol, too many bad memories connected to it and I don't like the taste and smell. Also it will only conflict with my hormone treatments in a bad way so I'm best avoiding it. The strongest thing I had to drink on Christmas and for New Year was some shloer.

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