Greater Springfield 25th Anniversary

In life when you have something that it very
unique and the other side is not fully aware of what it is, they will say no, no, no. But you just keep going on, and on, and on
to convince them. And finally they will follow you. Why can’t it be a nation building project? We are creating a population of 137,000 people. We’ve got a university, we’ve got a railway
line at $2 million, we’ve got infrastructure that has been about $6.7 billion. And we’ve got education, education, education. I am proud that we’ve had a crack, developers
who take on these projects invariably go broke. We are an ‘against the odds’ success in that
respect. Everything that’s out here, we’ve created. I’m proud of that. But I also think its a privilege to have been
able to take on a project like this. Bob is a great, great partner. A very valued member of this organisation. He has been with me 33 years. A great contributor and one who is very, very
cautious to make sure that we are keeping within that line. Well, we’re like brothers. I mean we’re joined at the hip. I love him like a brother. He annoys me sometimes, but that’s what happens
in a great relationship. I’ve learnt so much from him. He been the biggest influence in my life that’s
for sure. And the energy levels from Maha still are
hard to keep up with. Every time I come here I think – How wrong
was I? And this place just continues to grow, I think
it defies anyone’s thoughts of what it could be. And I always say to people – Look, if they
doubted, go out and have a look at whats here today. It was a new concept up until this point. Suburbia used to just sprawl out, but here
was an idea of creating a master-planed community within a greater urban mass. And I think that was unique proposition that
Springfield delivered. I think its the cheer scale of the project. Its formidable in that sense. Most large scale projects around the country
you would consider at 4 or 5 thousand lots, so this is a multiple of that. And the infrastructure there for the disabled
to support, or warrant in the first place, would support and make use of, is something
that really doesn’t appear anywhere around the country. Before we moved to Springfield, we were really
distributed across the whole of Queensland. We had six different businesses that were
all in different offices. We brought them all together in one location
in Springfield. And its just been fantastic having all of
our people on the one site, the one location , in a place where it really inspires you
to be innovative and creative. But to see it actually emerge over the last
few decades has been an absolutely amazing journey. I think cities like Springfield are so critical
to the broader economy. They create vibrant communities, they create
engines for growth, in terms of the economy, and also access to really important social
services like health, education, and increasingly, technology related capabilities. The thing I like about Springfield when I
go there is the order of the place. The great streets, the great landscaping,
the public open space, the sport and recreation facilities. We have the same vision that Maha and Bob
had when they first took the risk to go there. We’ve taken a big risk, Mater taken a big
risk, this is an $80 million dollar investment for Mater. So we’re really happy to be working with Greater
Springfield. Well the development itself provided jobs
for about 1400 people and we now have 260 people employed at Mater Springfield hospital. Aveo Springfield will set new benchmarks for
retirement living in Australia. Because it will enable people to come in and
get the full continuum of care; to come in fully able in late 70s and go right through
to end of life; to have all of the care facilities that any resident wants; and to have access
to marvelous facilities like the Mater hospital as well. I really believe we could see significant
medical breakthroughs delivered at Springfield. All of the pieces are in place. You’ve got great healthcare, you’ve got education
resources, technology resources, and corporate support, all combined in the one place. This is absolutely one of the top experiences
in my professional life. To have had a role in helping to build Springfield,
and building Springfield through a university campus is just an absolute highlight. The technology of the future is just going
to keep increasing. We’ve got state of the art technology here
at USQ Springfield, so that really assists young people moving into the industry that
they want to be part of. I think there is a lot of optimism because
people see that there is a lot of growth happening here. So, through housing, businesses moving here,
so I think it’s very optimistic. As a business owner, Greater Springfield is
ever evolving. We can’t wait to see what’s going to happen
in the next 25 years. I’ve got my bank here, my daughter’s been
educated here, in fact, still studying at university. She’s been working here: everything is possible
here in Springfield. From one educator to another, I’m so proud
to be apart of the Springfield story, Maha. We’re so thrilled to be here at St Peter’s
at Greater Springfield. Happy 25th Birthday! Congratulations Bob, congratulations Maha,
and the Greater Springfield community. To Maha, Bob, Raynuha and all the Greater
Springfield team, a very happy 25th birthday. I don’t think anyone, 25 years ago, would
have believed what you have achieved, congratulations! And I’m sure we’ll look back in another 25
years and be similarly blow away by what Springfield has achieved. Congratulations on this 25 years and all the
best for the next 25. Happy 25th birthday Greater Springfield! Tonight I say to all of you, thank you for
all what you have done. We could not have done it ourselves. There are thousands and thousands of families
who have moved here with a dream, with a vision to make it successful. Thank you, thank you!

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