Green Card Residency Through Marriage

Obtaining residency through marriage to a
US citizen has its advantages but it is also one of the petitions that is most scrutinized
by USCIS and therefore careful attention must be given to its preparation and documentation. There are 4 major factors that are generally
critical for the success of a marriage as much as for the success of marriage petition
under evaluation by the USCIS. It is therefore important that you take these
into consideration before making the decision to file for a marriage green card through
your spouse. 1). The first factor is the Economic Situation
of the couple—This the most important element for the success of a marriage which means
it is also the most important factor for a marriage based residency case. Marriages that encounter economic difficulties
have an exceedingly high failure rate so you want to make sure that you and your spouse
are adequately employed before applying for US residency. 2). The second factor is Age. Generally most successful marriages are among
those people with similar ages. If a marriage is not within a reasonable age
range, this can generally raise questions for the USCIS as to the validity of the marriage. 3). The third factor is the Marital and Family
Circumstances. The number of marriages the individuals have
had, as well as the number of children they have and the ages of these children is something
that the USCIS will use to evaluate the validity of the marriage. It can be challenging when people who have
children enter into a relationship, and therefore the USCIS will evaluate whether the couple
is well suited to meet these challenges. Similarly, the USCIS will carefully evaluate
the reasoning for getting married again, for people that have had prior marriages. 4) The fourth factor is Language and Culture. The USCIS pays close attention to the cultural
compatibility of the married couple as well as the language of the spouses. If for example, if the couple does not speak
a common language, the USCIS will find it difficult to understand how this marriage
relationship can work and doubt the validity of the marriage. For more information about marriage based
green cards and the documentation required, please visit our bilingual website at:
If you are in the Massachusetts or New England area and want assistance preparing your marriage
residency petition, from one of our experienced Boston immigration lawyers, please contact
our office to make an appointment at: 617-303-0006.

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