Green Card through Same-sex Marriage

Welcome to U.S. Immigration TV. I’m Michael Gurfinkel and welcome to my
channel. Don’t forget to subscribe because I’m
constantly posting new videos on immigration laws, procedures, news, and developments. So, don’t get left behind. Today I want to talk about getting a green
card through a same sex marriage. The U.S. Supreme court has already declared
that marriages between people of the same sex are valid and recognized throughout the
United States. So, it is possible that a person can marry
anywhere in the U.S. a person of the same and can be petitioned. Let’s say for example that a person has
a U.S. citizen partner. They can get married and possibly get a green
card by being petitioned. Now there are certain number of issues that
could still be involved. For example, are they in status? Did they enter on a type of visa that would
still allow them to get a green card in the U.S.? Did they have previous fraud? Also, they’re going to have to go through
a traditional marital interview just like opposite-sex couples. I know there are some issues, fears or concerns. For example, what if what one of them or both
of them had been previously married to somebody of the opposite sex? And now suddenly it’s a same-sex marriage. You may have an officer question them about
that. And there could be other issues as well of whether the person is entitled to green card depending on what type of visa they entered on. That is why I think it is important if a person
has questions, issues or concerns about their cases, especially let say in a same sex marriage
where a lot of things can come up during interviews or in connection with packaging a case. I think it’s all the more important that
a person should seek the assistance or an immigration attorney who can look at their
case, look at their immigration history, and properly package and present their case to
the USCIS and when there is an interview, the attorney represents the couple at the
interview to make sure there is no misunderstandings, miscommunications, the questions are clear
and understood and answered properly. That’s why I think it is all the more important
especially in this time of Trump when USCIS is focused on enforcement and denial that
a person have an immigration attorney assist them in their immigration matter including
same sex couples. This is Michael Gurfinkel and this is U.S.
Immigration TV.

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