GREEN COCONUT CURRY LENTIL SOUP ‣‣ weeknight vegan dinner

(jazz music) – Hi, friends. Welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. And today I am in Denver, Colorado. And I have got a fabulous cozy vegan winter soup recipe for you, which I have been making nonstop. I’ve honestly had this
soup four days in a row. It is so delicious, and I know that you guys
are going to love it. So I am gonna show you how to make green coconut curry lentil soup. And the full recipe is
already up on my blog, so if you’re interested in making it, you can find the link right down below. And before we dive in, if you are not yet part of
our community here on YouTube, tap the red button that
is right below this video that says subscribe. And just so you know, I am kind of getting back
into the swing of things now that we are home from our trip. We are not yet settled
in our new home yet. I have a life update video coming for you, but it’s gonna take me
a little bit of time to ramp my video strategy back up. I gotta do some filming. But today and the next video are just gonna be single
recipe videos for now. But don’t worry, I have
a lot in store for you. So without further ado,
let’s go ahead and dive in. To start this recipe, we’re
gonna add some olive oil, you could also use coconut oil, into your stock pan or sauce pan. And we’re gonna add some onion, as well as some garlic to that pan. You’re gonna give that a
quick saute until the onion and garlic start to soften and
start to get really fragrant. From there we’re gonna
add in some cauliflower, just some chopped white cauliflower, some sweet potato, I’m
using Japanese here, but I actually think it looks prettier with orange sweet potato,
and some eggplant. And again, we’re going to saute this until the vegetables start
to get a little bit brown. And one of the things that
you’ll see in today’s post that goes along with this
recipe is that the vegetables are totally interchangeable, so you could absolutely swap whatever you have on hand in and out. You’re just gonna wanna make sure that you use similar proportions to that of what the recipe calls for, that way you have the
right amount of liquid. So once we’ve sauteed the
vegetables for a little while, we’re going to add in some fresh ginger, as well as some freshly grated tumeric. And if you don’t have this on hand, you can absolutely use ground. The information is in the post as well. To that we’re also gonna add
in some salt and some pepper. And again we’ll saute, just
to get those spices combined with the vegetables and helps
get everything more flavorful. From there we are going to
add in our dried lentils. And I give it a quick saute,
it doesn’t really matter, you could do this or not. But
if you do choose to do that, just saute it for another
one to two minutes. And then we will add in
our green curry paste. I just buy this from the store. I’ll link the one that I have down in the description box for
you so you can check it out. But it’s the easiest way
to get green curry flavor. I do like to saute the green curry powder or kind of stir it
together into the veggies, so that it gets a little
bit more evenly combined once we add the liquid. Again, this step is optional, so up to you which way you choose. Once everything is combined and
you’re ready for the liquid, we are gonna add in two
cans of coconut milk. To make this recipe a little bit lighter, I used one can of full-fat
and one can of light. You could also just do two cans of light, or two cans of full-fat, it’s up to you. We’re also gonna add in some water, or you could also use vegetable broth if you wanted to add even more flavor. And stir it together. And finally, we’re just
gonna bring this to a boil. And once it’s boiling we’ll
turn it down to simmer, cover it and cook it for
about 30 to 35 minutes until the lentils are soft, and all the vegetables are soft as well. I recommend tasting at this point, just to make sure everything is done because we have one more step to go, and then we are gonna serve it. So if it tastes good to you, go ahead and follow this next step. If not, adjust your seasonings, or cook it for a little bit longer. Our final step is to stir in greens. You guys know I love stirring
greens into my soups. Today I used some purple kale, but I also really really
love spinach in this recipe. Spinach and lentils just
go so well together. I have so many recipes that use those two ingredients together. So that’s probably what I would recommend, but kale absolutely works, as would collards or chard. Basically whatever sort
of dark leafy greens you have on hand, you can use. And I like to do about
two cups, maybe three into the recipe. Just use whatever you have. I don’t think you can go overboard with the greens, personally. And all you’ll do is just stir the greens directly into the pot. And because the soup is so hot, it should just wilt them
down pretty quickly. And it should take maybe
like 30 seconds or so until they’re nice and wilted. And that’s pretty much it.
Then we will just serve it up. So scoop yourself a giant
bowl of this delicious soup. I top it with something spicy, usually it’s Sriracha, maybe jalapenos, maybe just pepper flakes. I also love adding a
dollop of coconut yogurt, or just a little of coconut milk, just to kind of give it extra creaminess, and I love the cooling effect of it. But otherwise you guys
can just enjoy this as is. And if you do want to store it, or keep it in the fridge/freezer, just make sure that you
let it cool completely before you put it into your containers. And there you have it my friends. I hope you enjoyed this delicious
coconut curry lentil soup. It is so creamy, it is so flavorful. And it’s also really great for meal prep, it freezes really well. And it can be easily made on a weeknight ’cause it takes about
40 ish minutes to make. This like I said, also
makes great leftovers. I’ve been having it for
lunch every single day since I made it. I served it to my boyfriend’s
family and they all loved it. So it’s definitely a crowd-pleaser, and I hope you guys give it a try. If you do wanna make it, the recipe is up on the blog like I said. I linked that right down in
the description box for you. And if you did enjoy this recipe, please give it a big thumbs up, and don’t forget to
subscribe before you go. Thanks so much for watching, and I’ll see you guys
in the next video, bye. (gentle music)

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  1. Yum that DOES look fab and cozy! I’ve been making soups a lot too lately. They are perfect all year long honestly!

  2. This looks pretty amazing! I like to make a soup similar to this using yellow split peas! I'll be posting the video for that at the end of the month. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  3. I have every single ingredient in the fridge minus the eggplant; Im definitely going to make this shortly to break my fast. Whole Foods had a great deal on greens this week so although I have the purple kale, I think I’m going to use the chard I bought. You are so the queen of cozy soups. They all look so delicious!

  4. Looks great! I might want to peel the eggplant because I find I don’t like the skin. Japanese eggplant 🍆 is more delicate and can use the skin but a bit harder to find. Thanks going to try this.

  5. Colorado Springs was just names #13 of top places in the world to visit. Up there with Paris, Sicily, and DC! You should come visit!😁

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