Green Party vision for making public transport public

Since our railways were privatised train services in Britain have got worse and more expensive the Green Party has a plan to put our railways back into public hands to create more reliable and affordable services for everyone British fares are the highest in the world a ticket from London to Bristol can cost more than £100 travelling the same distance on France’s public rail system could cost less than £30 desptie extortionate ticket prices British trains are still the most crowded in Europe and they are frequently late the worst bit is that this is costing the public purse twice as much as it did before privatisation as railway companies recieve almost £4 billion a year in public subsidies and 90% of profits made from our railways are given over to shareholders rather than being invested back into public services the Green Party plans to introduce an immediate 10% cut to public transport fares to relieve everyday financial pressures for commuters they’ll make sure any profits made from our railways go back into funding a better service rather than being handed out to private executives Over two thirds of the British public support bringing the railways back into public hands the Green Party is the only party that is committed to making this happen because it believes public transport should be about getting people from A to B not about corporate profits My name’s Lucy and as a commuter worried about the cost of rising fares I believe that the Green Party are the only ones standing up for what people want that’s why I wanted to help out with this film and why I’ll be voting Green on May 7

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  1. so… £3.6billion we pay in TAX goes straight into shareholders pocket every year? WhatTheFuckery!! This country is a joke!

  2. Green Party: Say actual sense like "railways should be run better and cost less to lose" and are ignored as crazy radical hippies.
    UKIP: Say bland generic populist nonsense like "St. George's Day should be a holiday" and everyone goes crazy about how much common sense and great policies they have and how everyone should vote for them.

    And this is why I'm increasingly sick and tired of politics in this bloody country.

  3. I cancelled my place at an applicant day in Newcastle because the train fare from Derby to Newcastle was £250+ for two of us, ridiculous when I can travel to London for £7 from Tamworth. Public transport should be PUBLIC

  4. Have postal voted green, and green & tusc ; let's not forget the green's would be allies in an av voting system!

  5. Why is it always a middle class young women doing these green party things I'm sure not all members fit this description

  6. Whilst I agree with everything this woman says, I think they should've also mentioned the fact that, if we focused on local economies and job creation, there'd be less dependence on commuting in the first place

  7. Or get rid off the subsides so train companies would have an incentive to better their service and make money instead of sitting their and being fed money

  8. Principles are kept by the Greens.  The others are just The Powers.  It's a matter of faith to vote Green!

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