Green Power: A Celebration of Greta Thunberg and the Global Climate Strikes

Some say
There is nothing new
Under the sun Yet look at the damage
we have done. Unprecedented heat,
In our oceans,
In the air, Young Greta Thunberg’s
Reminding us to care, Veering us from the dangers Of 1.5 Celsius degree
global heating, Listen to our planet’s
Open-hearted bleeding, Indigenous knowledge
Must be leading And wasteful trends
Best be fleeting Hear AOC’s voice,
A Green New Deal Reminding us of our collective
power to heal. Let’s get out in the streets
And make our voices heard, From the ballot box
To the boombox, It’s time to spread the word! It’s time for green food,
And green transportation, Respect of the land,
Environmentalization, From green greed,
To green good, It’s time to make fresh veggies,
Water and jobs Accessible in the hood, Let us save water,
The basis of all life, To give future generations
A chance to hold the mic, “The sky is the limit”
we told them! We have 10 years to act. To clean up fossil fuel
covered facts, Let’s opt for trains
and electric cars, Rewrite our destiny
Outlined in the stars, Before we have hope,
There must be action, 10 years,
One goal,
Less partisan factions. The time is now
For collective
political traction.

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  1. Awesome video. We need to teach kids at primary school and high school to about this now, high school kids this day not take about our world, thay throw there food rubbish all over the place. Make me feel sad for my baby niece growing up in this world now. Its got on for to long.

  2. Electric cars require coal and natural gas which you can get from fracking but you want to ban. You need battery packs which require materials that needs to be dug up which is polluting and also oil run machines to do it. Wind turbines and solar panels take up massive amounts land which mean you have to clear cut forests and destroy habitats. You also need to distribute that energy to other places. All the while millions will be homeless because of the destruction of industries that pollute and we will be deeper in debt. Nothing will change because places like India and China will heavily pollute but at least the temp went down half a degree. The Paris climate agreement is a scam, China said by 2030 when carbon levels peak they’ll stop going up, Pakistan said whenever we hit max carbon levels we’ll start to reduce. There was only one country that cut immediately, the USA. Greta and all these teens who support the green new deal are the result of the indoctrination of the school system. I would know because my school indoctrinated kids to believe in socialism and social justice.

  3. We're demanding local Walmarts take all goods from India and China off their shelves. Nothing is more important than this to start.

  4. Lush can also have stations to get face mask containers and stuff and then return to get more or ship the empty container back (without packaging or recycled packaging) for other people to use and reuse – can you start doing that maybe?

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