Greg Family Dinner

Greg 1: Hi, I’m Greg Greg 2: And I’m Greg Greg 3: And I’m Greg too Welcome to Greg family dinner You know, a lot of YouTubers like to say that their fans are like a family to them but, Well, we know that that’s not really true. There’s only one real family on YouTube, and that’s Greg. We’re the only fanbase on the internet that’s 100% blood-related, 100% of the time. And you better believe we have a family dinner every night with our daddy: Danny. Hmm, please don’t call me daddy. That’s really fucking weird. And the best part is if you’re already subscribed with your notifications on, Then you’re already Greg. Other YouTubers might have flashier names, like Jake Paul’s “Jake Paulers” Logan Paul’s “Logang” or RiceGum’s “Assholes” But we don’t need those flashy names over here. You see Greg has been around for generations, and it’ll be around for many more to come Isn’t that right daddy? Seriously stop calling me that? But yes, you’re right. The great family has been around since the beginning of time, and with it, the Greg family crest. Greg 2: I love the crest. Greg 3: Me too, Papi Gross. The Greg family crest symbolizes Greg’s rise to the top of YouTube as we leave our mortal enemy Craigs to burn in hell, or perhaps a man-made hellscape as we are the strongest army on the net as well Greg 2: hate Craig’s! Greg 3: Craig’s are the worst! And at the top of the crest is yours truly, The head of the family. Greg 2: Our fearless leader, Greg 3:Our smokin’ dad And now the Greg family crest can be yours to own Just head on over to to check out my all-new merch store featuring this beautiful Greg family crest, as old as time itself. Greg 3: Maybe even older Probably not! Greg 2 : Well enough chitchat What do you say we eat? : *laughs* Of course. Where are my manners? Well, have a seat and let’s eat Greg 1: How was your day? Good, good. Danny: It’s good right? Greg 3: This is really good, delicious. Greg 1: It really hits the spot. mmmm [sigh]

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  1. You see danny what inlike about you is that you put effort into everything that you do nithing is simple or half assed thats what sets you apart from these otherreact channels

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