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very special video very excited about
about a month ago I received several several several emails from a beautiful
lady named Tamika she is a single mom of two college-age kids and she’s sitting
in her emails that for he or she had wanted to have a nice party and that
this year was fine into the year that she was able to afford something small
but that she was lacking in the decoration department and she reached
out to me to see if I could help her out I was touched I was really really
touched number one did she reached out to me and number two I think he has to
college age kids at forty lady you’re gonna get all the help you need from me
for sure and if you’re wondering was in the box this box is from children
company who has partner with me to help me make pamita’s 40th birthday party
favorite that stuff alright let me show you what’s in the box
this kit makes a full 16-foot balloon garland and take a look at all of the
things that come inside shimmer and confetti offer party
supplies for every season theme and occasion they sell premium quality
balloon arches garland kids party favors and more and they’re also be more than
happy to customize any balloon colors for your kids I send it for me for
Camilla’s 40th celebration and on my side I’m going to be making kaamika the
very trendy pretty background which is perfect for any Mouse
celebration or any elegant celebration and I’m also going to be making her an
acrylic sign that I know she’s going to love because it’s going to make
everything look so elegant all right guys let’s get started here we go all
right guys I’m going to start with the acrylic sign first before I make the
backdrop and I’m going to be using a 20 inch by 32 inch acrylic sheet that I got
from Home Depot and as you can see it’s a little cloudy and that’s because there
is a plastic film a plastic protective film of the bottle but I’m going to
leave it on because I’m going to be painting this in black a little later
and I need that to protect it but now what I’m going to do is drill a couple
of holes on each corner at the top to have something or hang it from and I’m
going to be using a 1/16 drill bit is the smallest bit I could find so I can
drill the holes okay I’m going to drill the holes 1 inch from the top and 2
inches from the side before I paint I am going to protect the
parts where the plastic lifted off because somehow you’re not able to pull
it all the way back you just wanna allow me to so I’m going
to use painters tape to cover that up now I’m going to go ahead and clean the
entire area to make sure that is clean before I paint it and I’m going to paint
design in gloss black so the acrylic sign is ready to go and now I’m going to
peel off the plastic at the bottom look how nice and shiny that is so pretty
love it and a place of foam at the bottom because I don’t want the paint to
scratch with the table so then you turn this over cuz the holes are in that
direction information that this acrylic sheet was only $19.99 only $19.99 now
I’m going to place the vinyl decal on the acrylic and this I outsource because
I still don’t know how to work my Cricut is still in the box
I have tempted to do it one time and I kind of gave up I just don’t have the
time for it to learn but I will conquer that one of these days the name is a
little longer than the acrylic but I think I can just move this s you know
further in so I’m going to cut it off and then place it individually I’m also
going to separate the 40th so I can Center it better make sure acrylic is clean from all
debris and sensor to castle now I’m going to remove the backing
paper and then I’m going to slowly lower the transfer tape and then I’m going to
secure the decal on the acrylic with the squeegee beautiful look at that now we’re moving
on to this pan and for the stand you can actually use a regular standard steel
stand you can buy from either Amazon or a favor Mart I will have the information
in the description box below but if you don’t want to spend that much you can
make one out of PVC and paint it in black okay here I am using some recycled
PVC pipes that I had and I painted in black and I’m gonna tell you how you’re
gonna make all this work to make a nice stand if you’re going to make your stand
exactly as I’m making mine you are going to need three of the large pipes back
here which came in ten feet they all come in ten feet you are going to cut
them down into six and a half feet okay so you’re going to need three of these
and for this one you are going to need four and these are one and a half feet
and they are going to serve our stuff feet so this is basically the base that
this Dan is going to stand on I think the reasons yeah I think it it alright
and then you are going to need two T’s two elbows and four caps and they’re all
one-inch so they can all fit together alright guys so it’s going to go
something like this the elbows right here are going to connect the three
large pipes and then the T’s are going to connect the legs and then I have caps
that I’m going to put on each end so I can polish the look okay very easy and
very affordable and you should get a mullet if you’re not going to glue your
pipes together with pipe glue I do not like to do my pipes because I like to
pull them apart to store them and there it is now it’s time to place the mesh
over it so we can make it a great backdrop you are seeing a heavy-duty
deer fence it is 7.5 feet in height and a hundred feet in width you obviously
don’t need that much but I also want to make a round backdrop but I will have
information for you guys in the description box below for 50 feet and
okay so you can have if you want to buy alright so I am going to be cutting it
down to the height of my backdrop and I’m going to attach them with black zip
ties okay guys so here is the dilemma I am not trusting to place the sit ties or
cut anything until I fix the stand technically nothing wrong with the stand
I have used these stands before buddy only had a balloon garland and you know
balloons are not that heavy but with this I am worried that once I
place the net then the balloons and then the sign is going to be wobbly so what
I’m thinking is that I’m going to add another X and a half inch PVC pipe and
then I will have to switch the two caps in the back for elbows okay so you are
going to need four elbows instead of two so that definitely looks better and
feels better now let’s move on to the size and there you have it guys a grid
backdrop and a beautiful acrylic sign I tripled up on fishing line to hang up
the sign and he’s strong and look at it it looks like a million bucks love it
and fYI the final setup that you see here is not going to be the final set up
at a venue that I will have ready for you guys on Sunday so make sure to check
out my social media pages

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