Grieving Can Be Fun?

– (laughs) That’s definitely my favorite Fortnite dance compilation, but today we’re gonna talk
about a more serious subject. – Is it how to beat the big
boss in my favorite video game? – Haha, nah, can’t help you there. – Whoa, I thought we were talking about grief today, not Fortnite. – Wait a second, grief,
isn’t that something I pour on top of my chips with cheese? – Nah, that’s gravy, lame brain. (laughing) – Look, I might have had one too many virgin peaches on the beaches, but aren’t there ways
to deal with your grief? – There sure are, and grief
doesn’t have to be sad either. It can be fun like the
latest Marvel movie. So strap in guys, today
is gonna be freaking wild. – [All] Cool EduFUNment, episode, – [Voiceover] 872. – [All] Grieving. – Coming up in today’s
episode, we’ll be exploring all the cool ways that you
can explore cool grief. Is this thing on? Jokes aside, grieving can be kinda tough. For example, when I was 22 years old I lost my best friend when he was executed by the state of Indonesia
for drug trafficking. – That’s lame. Lamer than Thanos. (alien sound effects) – Tell me about it. What do you think,
Cartman from South Park? – I love Cheesy Puffs and
chocolate salted sweets, but when my best friend Kenny dies, I deal with my grief by saying mam. – Yo Mark, can you chuck me a diet cola? It’s my favorite sometimes food. – Sure thing man, I love sugary
drinks too in moderation. – So, my mum just died last
week and I think I’m grieving. How do you guys deal with your grief? – Well, I like to get stuck
into my favorite video game. – Is it Fortnite? – No duh, Sherlock. – I’m a comedy buff, so I chuck on my favorite episode of Jay Leno. – I turn to drugs and alcohol
which is a really uncool, unhealthy way to deal with your emotions. – What about you Mark Bonanno, how do you deal with your grief? – I’m a little bit of a wild one. I don’t give a scuff what
people think about me. I just like to scream
at the top of my lungs. Come on Hayley, give it a go with me. (Hayley and Mark screaming) Wow, that’s some pretty
cool grieving, cool work. – Bear in mind, this advice is anecdotal and is best coupled with
professional counseling or the support of your
general health practitioner. – [All] Everyone feels grief! – [Voiceover] I miss my bone. – [All] This is how they
deal with grief in Italy. (plate smashes) – Mama mia! – [All] Even your favourite
characters feel grief. – Pikachu, I choose you. – Pika. – What’s that Pikachu? There’s a Caterpie in the
long grass at Pallet Town? – Pika. – And you think he might be
suffering from manic depression? – Pikachu. – Ah, help me, I’m being electrocuted. – So I actually thought
grief was kind of bogus, but you know what, it’s kind of radical. – And I learnt that when someone’s dead, you can keep their memory alive
through the medium of music. – And I learnt going to
counselor is for losers. – Erm, hold the phone. You don’t think going to
the counselor is cool? – How come, Peter Hellier? – I just don’t think it’s cool, at all. – Oh, nuts. – I don’t think it’s
cool, I think it’s cool. – [All] What? – Oppa gangnam style. (upbeat techno music)

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  1. We don’t just talk about cool Grieving! Subscribe and hit that bell notification to learn about heaps of other cool things like bullying and the Texas annexation of 1845. Cool.

  2. Jeez.
    Are you guys turning into like, shit memes or something? That’s cool if so, but I just want some warning is all.


  3. You know its a good Aunty Donna video when it genuinely makes you feel physically, mentally and spiritually uncomfortable all at once, nice job lads.

  4. This video is well-made. I love aunty Donna. It’s such a great, whimsical, over the top mockery of videos just like this. I understand and appreciate the humor. I see this as a good video.

    All that being said, I fucking hate this video

  5. Michelle has worked with the boys so much over the years, in the videos, on the album, and even on tour. I'm always glad to see her in a new video, maybe one day I'll see her name listed under "Aunty Donna is:"

  6. Can you guys clarify the difference betweemn 'cool grief' and 'good grief'? This is really important I just burned my toast and am in a very dark place – pls respond

  7. This pretty much sums up how modern appealing to kids look like – I felt awkward and cringy, it was horrible. Great job guy, you do it right.

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