Gringos Celebrate El Grito in Mexico City 🇲🇽 Fiestas Patrias 2019 (con subtítulos)

A very good afternoon amigos from Mexico City and Happy Independence Day! Now we were standing just outside of the magnificent Zócalo in Mexico City in anticipation of El Grito
tonight. Now we were actually here in Mexico City last year for the Fiestas Patrias but you all told us we had to come back in 2019 when AMLO was
president because you said, well it’s going to be even bigger, better and more
more crazy than last year so we had to find out for ourselves! It is safe to say it is going to be incredibly busy. We are more than five hours away from El Grito. The energy is really picking up here in the Zocalo Now, if you’re new around here, we are Greg and Hillary, the Kennons, and we have been and we have been traveling around Mexico for the last three years exploring every corner of this country. If you love Mexico half as much as we do, we ask that you share this video with a friend. Let’s wander around the Zócalo! All right well I hope no one just saw my
Twitter live video that some news organization. Irt was causing a scene in the middle of the Zocalo. It was pretty bad. My Spanish was struggling. He’s got a big microphone in my face…and there were a lot of people watching! This is awesome! They’ve got like a little mini Guelaguetza going on Yeah this is the Flor de Piña! Now this absolutely is not a political
statement because.. well we don’t really know anything about
politics much less Mexican politics but there’s something different in the air
tonight in Mexico City There is a chill. Coming from Vallarta there’s definitely a chill. I feel like there’s way more pride in
the air there’s just a much different feeling. It does feel different and I checked on my phone exactly this same time, 7:00pm. and I texted our friends The Perms “it is not too busy, no need to hurry. Take your time.” Now, it is 6:55pm and it is BUSY so Perms, get here! It feels so amazing to be in one place where there are this many people that are all proud of Mexico that are all excited to yell VIVA MEXICO! It feels super cool that for tonight, it does not matter what religion you are, who you care for politically, tonight, everyone here is on the same team and that is super cool. We are an hour and a half away from the actual Grito My hips and back can’t take it anymore!
The excitement is definitely building it is getting busier and busier by the minute. You can see the crowd behind us getting antsy, ready for AMLO to come out. One thing I thought about that was really
cool that we haven’t shown on camera is that this year and last year many Mexican-Mmericans many Mexicans who live in the United States that have come to
Mexico City come to the Zócalo to witness El Grito and I think that
it’s really cool that says a lot about their pride for Mexico. It is very exceptional. It got significantly busier in the last 15 seconds! How was that for El Grito? People love this guy! That was exciting! Yeah! We have just finished El Grito and now its the same eerie silence and lots of bells We are waiting for the fireworks any second! Stuff like this just gives your goosebumps. How are the fireworks? Even bigger and better than I remembered! What a show! That was awesome! 10 out of 10 on the fireworks show! People always ask us “Oh, do you like Mexico?” How could you not like Mexico when you see things like this? The energy tonight was pretty intense! There was an electric buzz in the air! Getting out of there was crazy! My spleen says it was busier than last year. There was some serious pushing, shoving, and possible trampling that we didn’t catch on camera but amigos, what a night, what an event! Somehow there are more people still going into the Zócalo than going out. I’m a little confused on how that is working. We had a lot of fun What more could you say? I forgot to mention it earlier but thank you to every single sponsor of this video, our Patrons, we would not be here without you guys So thank you so much to all of our Patrons. If you would like to help support our work here in Mexico, Head on over to PATREON.COM/KINETICKENNONS Until next time, Have Less. Do More. Be More.

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  1. God bless Mexico and other country’s that needs help. Remember this we should unite us one cause we are all GODS children!!! To God Be The Glory

  2. Love to see people loving each other!. just enjoying the life no crime going on… we just need to admit that drugs!, corruptions!, inequality!, ruins a gods goods life!!!..but we need to help others who get lost cause remember this we are all gods childrens and there our brothers and sisters who is get lost!… cause of corruption and poverty and inequality….!

  3. Como es posible que uno no sea mexicano, pero sin embargo sentirse tremendamente orgulloso de estas celebraciones…. soy ridiculo 😝

  4. Hola, años sin estar en el grito, 😔soy Méxicano 🇲🇽 y la verdad estoy orgulloso de mi país, un saludo desde Tabasco City… 😂 No es fuera pero igual se siente chingón mandar saludos así.

  5. Sorry guys missed this video but most of the comments here are about how happy they feel seeing people from other parts of the world visiting our Country. The comment you made about that it feels some kind of change compare to previous years and you said you were not sure why but I can tell you why is that: We the Pueblo: The mass wants to believe, change is finally here and hope for a better Country. Previous government political figures had always been involved in organized crime and the Narco so corruption is one of the main issues and the list is endless. It will take us years before we can really get rid of things that only slow down the real progress of Mexico but we have started by voting for a more trustworthy government and we hope for the best. I do too see that chance although I live in the states I feel happy just to see there can be a better tomorrow. Cheers and take care. 👍

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