Groom Kidnapping Goes Horribly Wrong

a bachelor who was gonna get married
pretty soon I was kidnapped by 16 masked men they ambushed him and here’s what
happened it it felt anyone about this of fuckin kill
you I’m kidding I’m getting one back by
tonight OKC I perhaps as though what happened but it
was actually pretty cool up groups so these schmucks actually this is their
friend with devastating consequences absolutely a keep in mind that he is %uh
fiance was in on the trick now let’s watch the
real video I yeah and go we’ve got now golf from cool good good yeah and yeah go out got not the close so coveted okay so that prank was so bad he got so
scared that he got shingles as a result his Sastre okay so for those why don’t do
that don’t do that what if he had a gun on a more what if
someone had called 911 if they happen now watch it limit people show up with guns week did
it is a terrible idea it’s here well yes so many different levels for
those if you don’t know what singles are its at like a chicken pox like rash but
it’s much more painful and people often get it when they’re
alder or when they get extremely stressed so understandably he
was a stressful situation there his fiancee was in it are out maybe you
should marry that woman know what that is I think they 10 long
and hard they went away no she looked like you think he’s cool
about it now he’s like I you know there is rather me I’ll get
them later that kinda I don’t don’t get them back later me blog okay got another great idea a
report YouTube reason I’m gonna torture you pull your nails out ago cycles very wicked don’t do that Loki they drove a hundred miles by the way we
have hundreds of my 0 your design decision I know that’s
unacceptable a hundred miles is insanely low later
the force them to wear a Borat style mankini and then a right and then like bike back
to town yeah it if the guy is overseas like losing is
my life now look I think in the fiance’s heart
was in the right place she’s like oh I don’t want to be a downer and I want to be in with his friends and
I want to be cool and it’s a prank et cetera it’s just that the prank was insane
inadequate roads not her fault it’s a friends for now it’s everyone’s
fault except for the poor victim in this case is like I don’t think I would agree to that yet no I would try to talk about it’s a good is
a pretty bad idea and I’m I’m picturing the poor guy like
in fetal position after was like Oh why would the shingles all or most men
who batter strachan for a hundred miles he must have been scared shitless

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  1. See the problem with your theory is as follows; If you were a worthwhile kidnapping target, the people trying to kidnap you would be very professional, they would plan a way of getting you in which a gun would likely do you little good. If you are just Joe Blow, then you probably wouldn't be getting kidnapped anyway. A gun may be a good defense weapon in a carjacking, home invasion and scenarios like that, but in a kidnapping, just you and a gun are likely going to have a hard time…

  2. 12 year old logic? I think you're the adolescent here if you are under the assumption people of all ages don't cope with laughter and lite-hearted jokes. Have you never seen a movie with murder in it that was a comedy? Have you never heard of someone joke about someone slipping a roofie in your drink? If you go around in the world with no sense of humor and are paranoid the rest of your life, I feel bad for you. I truly do.

  3. oh for fuck sake im dealing with a conspiracy nutjob… you had one in newton in december it was not staged and a lot of people died. now i understand you think everything is the governments doing but its not. but who am i kidding you arent going to listen because you're mentally insane

  4. Most of the time, the average Joe Blow is in a car or building, and when he's not, he will have around 30 meters MINIMUM of area he can constantly see in 3 directions.

    A gun might not do Joe Blow any good, but it probably isn't going to hurt him.

    In countries like Mexico, Joe Blows get kidnapped all the time for what little money their families have. Many times it's not even organized, they don't know if their families even have ANY money, and they just take people. It's disgusting.

  5. The 1 pistol doesn't harm the person defending himself. Even if he's overpowered, it doesn't hurt to not be completely helpless.

    Freedom to know the fears and inhibitions of some random statist in a city I've never set foot on isn't going to choose if and how I can defend myself… THAT'S real freedom.

    Your fears and inhibitions against what others do with themselves is as stupid and bigoted as the morons picketing to make abortion a crime. Disgusting.

  6. People not having guns is gun control working? Cool story, bro. Cenk obviously didn't know where this was, or what kind of a person the victim was.

  7. What you are referring to when you say "Joe Blow" is kidnapped for little money is what we usually call "express" kidnapping (small ransom, short captivity period). Those are usually executed by two or three perpetrators, usually not highly skilled or organized, and are likely to chose their targets on sight based on opportunity. Still very difficult to prevent even when armed.

  8. oh my god it must be nice to be so blind… whats the phrase.. oh yeah "ignorance is bliss" you honestly think that the government is covering everything up dont you haha and you call me mentally challenged. btw im not comatose if i was i wouldnt be able to type words to you… oh and can you tell me how does it feel to be talked down to by a 17 year old?

  9. That's crazy at first I would have given them a pass but driving 100 fucking miles and all that stuff it takes me 35 minutes to drive 23 miles on a damn freeway so 100 miles that's like at very least 2+ hours

  10. He shoud invite them all to a party drug them then take the out in the middle of nowhare and strip them nacked and abandon them..

  11. shingles is a virus, more specifically; herpes. I don't agree with what they did to the poor guy but i think he had the virus regardless.

  12. Yeah. Freedom to be stupid like you. You think a bunch of guys in ski masks would ambush a car without guns themselves?

  13. I guess he'll be one hell of a WHIPPED man since he'll know what'll happen if he has a dispute of any kind with the mrs…

  14. "Freedom to be stupid like you." Yeah. Sure. I never said a bunch of guys with ski masks ambushing to kidnap someone wouldn't have guns. It doesn't take the situation back to where it was before with no guns at all.

    10 guys with guns vs 1 guy with a gun is still way more dangerous for the 10 guys than if no one was armed at all. A guy you're specifically avoiding killing who's completely willing to kill you is a little bit harder to kidnap.

    Don't like freedom? Move to China. NEXT!

  15. If you're in Canada, you're not going to be carrying a handgun for personal defense. Check your relevancy, I don't need to hear from people living in the East Alaskan Territories.

  16. 10 guys playing an extreme prank vs their friend who has no idea who they are… I think that not having a gun there is good -_-

  17. I meant in an actual kidnapping… plus the guys gave him fucking shingles and he probably shit/pissed his pants(they just didn't mention it to save face and not add insult to injury.)

    But yeah, in some random douchebaggery meant to freak the fuck out of someone and make them think they need to fight for their life(but it's actually a joke), a gun is a really bad idea.

  18. Ok to all the anti gun people i would like to pose as question of sorts. now i know that this situation would be much worse with guns involved,but this is about gun control in here is the question. put yourself in this situation.suppose your upstairs taking a shower and your girl/wife is downstairs for whatever reason,guy breaks into your house,starts trying to rape her,you hear it,go downstairs with no gun,guy has gun,shoots you,rapes her. now imagine if you had a gun, -Cont.

  19. situation changes completely,you shoot him before he can rape her or cause any life threatening damage.witch do you prefer? you need to accept the fact that guns are here even if we implement gun control it only takes the guns away from the ones following the laws…yeah you might get some from the criminals,but id bet there are lots of them that already know how to make some kind of gun from scrap metal and ammo stockpiles. not to mention they dont get theirs from regular places anyways.

  20. On the final day of school some students got masked up and grabbed the headmaster, they left him on top of a local mountain. 🙂 Others streaked through the school and someone set of a huge home-made smoke-bomb in an outbuilding used by the games dept.
    This was in the days before our urrent terrorism hysteria so nobody was jailed for life.

  21. Yeah I suppose if you know that they're the kind of person who would not only come away untroubled by it but actually appreciate the joke.

    If it were me in there, it wouldn't be simply the threat of violence but the possibility of murder or at least prolonged imprisonment, the wondering of if and when I'll see the world and the people I care for again – thoughts that nobody should have to go through. We're all different but it seems this guy wasn't too different to me!

  22. Yeah I cited an unfavourable example, certainly not his finest hour, but he wasn't apologetic after so I felt it was fair to bring it up. He's pissed me off for various things in the past and that was probably the biggest because of how he followed it up.

  23. Government… Corrupt…. Lobbyists who can buy politicians support… Yeah, your country isn't corrupt..
    Get shot by a two year old, then tell me how good your 'freedom' is.

  24. The American Government is Illegally spying on US citizens. You really think that gun control is a good idea. Just gives them more authority to follow on with there criminal actions.

  25. Even though I agree with you on the gun rights part, I have to ask you, why are you ok, with having your freedom of privacy taken in the name of security ?

  26. they've always had guns and there government has always been corrupt, that whole we need our guns to defend Murica against a tyrannical government line is a cop out

  27. They did need guns in their revolution against the British government. Gun ownership is preety much the reason they became an independent nation.

  28. This is just sick…if it was a prank fine but let him in on it sooner then they did like holy crap that was just cruel

  29. that's a fair point but india got there independence from the brits without using guns.. besides im no liberal pussy if they need to use guns they should use guns i just want them to hurry up and do something instead of talking shit… there government has been spying on everyone for decades how much more tyrannical can it get

  30. look i know les mis was a good film but we dont have to start a revolution. we can have the musical number without the bloodshed mr bankerpuppetobama… haha i really cant take you seriously anymore

  31. you should look in the mirror before throwing around insults like that. your whole life is devoted to believing that the government is covering up everything and is staging mass shootings. i bet you also believe homosexuals have an agenda and that white people where the ones enslaved by blacks not the other way round

  32. Don't marry that woman. There is no way in hell I would sit there and giggle while something like that happened to the man I love. That's not funny.

  33. do you even know why we passed the 2nd amendment in the first place? go find that out and tell me if you think that in any way is still relevant.

  34. firstly did you really try to use nincompoop in a legitimate sentence… secondly im british i care nothing about american freedom or the us dollar. i just think its funny that you actually believe conspiracy theories…

  35. I would get back on them… by getting them arrested. A "joke" kidnapping is still a kidnapping and a pretty serious crime.

  36. i dont agree with the nutjobs who think that mass shootings where done by the government. he is on about newtown being staged… i disagree with him. i know that the government isnt saintly however i dont think they would kill dozens of innocent people and children. i have some faith in humanity to think that the people in charge wouldnt delibrately kill 20 children

  37. Ya man, if that bitch did that to me, I don't know if I could imagine spending the rest of my life with her. Waaay too far over the top

  38. I could just as well make the same argument for cruise missiles – or can they be un-invented? Do you support an individual's right to own cruise missiles and drones?

  39. Point proven. You are short tempered and arrogant. I will leave now as I have collected the proper data to block yet another troll and/or idiot.

  40. Did you just say 'WHAT IF he had a gun on him" ?? You advocate using a GUN in this situation but not for defending yourself against a BLACK guy. typical liberal bullshit.

  41. yeah they said "what if he had a gun on him?" meaning it would have been a disaster, how the hell is that ADVOCATING using a gun??? typical conservative BIGOTED bullshit

  42. So this what American news has come down to……

    Shingles from a dumb prank, talk about first world problems lol. Worse than the mass murders and war crimes that happen around the world everyday but is seldom reported in the news.

    Good job TYT for not covering real world issues once again. You guys are almost as good as Fox haha

  43. From what you say, I take it you're American. But this would entail the question: how long will it take you to stand up to your government? It can't get much more corrupt as it is right now.

  44. do you believe that massacres such as newtown or the aurora cinema where staged by the government? i agree they stage somethings and go way to far but personally i believe events like that are real and tragic

  45. I think if they answer to a peaceful overthrow with violence, they have the best chances to lose. But even if the protestors are unarmed. The government will always have the better weapons, but if they need to use drones on US ground, they're probably doomed. What I think would happen is, they'd bring the military and force the protestors to give up, even if they are armed. But even this can backfire, like in Egypt. 🙂

  46. the other guy was saying that though. he still is in a private message to me. where he is calling me a faggot and an idiot who is going to be taken out by MI6 for not believing him… fucking nutjobs on the internet but hey what can you do

  47. Facts are what the overgeneralize-rs lack. People believe that all Americans are pro guns because the media pushes the NRA agenda heavily. We aren't and unless you actually see the rallies, protest, and lobbying for reform you would be left to overgeneralize and speak out of turn on American ideals. If you believe what the media has told you "we" feel about guns then you'd be left to deduce that Justin Beiber has more talent than Mozart because thats what they are peddling to you today.

  48. In some countries this is a tradition to kidnap the groom or bride to be and reveal clues to the location of groom/bride it's like a love game to show how much you love them.

  49. Trust me, you AR-15 or .45 Smith and Wesson will make little difference when the drones come knocking.
    People may actually respect your argument if you are intellectually honest and just admit you want to have a gun because you think they're cool. They might also respect it more if you knew the difference between bear and bare, otherwise the dumb redneck stereotype will be portrayed.

  50. That's the part I never understand. The majority of Americans (i.e. more than 50%) want a large scale gun restrictions, and almost all Americans (in some polls as high as 97%) would not actively oppose basic background checks, training and licencing systems, similar to the process involved in getting a driver's licence.
    Are American Politicians really so corrupt that they'll do whatever the pro-gun lobby pays them to do, or do 315 M Americans just let the 5M NRA members have their way?

  51. That was a genuine question, by the way. I'd be interested to hear what you think is the case, or if it's something different entirely (in your opinion).
    Good on you for being one of the people who actually sees the fact that when a country has so many gun related deaths (a large amount of which are children) that to report all of them on the news every day would require a separate TV station to be dedicated to reporting that alone, that something needs to be done.

  52. Let's be realistic developed. OECD countries ill not attack their own people because it's not, and never could be, in their interest to do that. No other country would allow it. If France said one day it was going to kill everyone in Paris, do you not think the global community would stop this?
    If they did, civilians are not well trained or armed enough to do ANYTHING about it.
    Just stop worrying about it. It's not going to happen and it makes you sound silly when you suggest it might.

  53. Let's be realistic developed. OECD countries ill not attack their own people because it's not, and never could be, in their interest to do that. No other country would allow it. If France said one day it was going to kill everyone in Paris, do you not think the global community would stop this?
    If they did, civilians are not well trained or armed enough to do ANYTHING about it.
    Just stop worrying about it. It's not going to happen and it makes you sound silly when you suggest it might.

  54. I never said they couldn't. I said they wouldn't. Do you honestly think that America would have any political sway if they started bombing their own cities.
    Try living in the real world for a bit.

  55. You clearly don't live in this world if you think the USA government would start a war with its own people! Stop being so childish.
    You can give me all the "cans" and "mights" you want, but how about living in the real world for a moment?

  56. Such as the right to keep slaves and pursue them across state borders in order to give them back to their "owners" to prevent them escaping, endorsing the institution of slavery? Would you like that one back?
    People can make mistakes. Smarter people can correct those mistakes over time.
    You are right, though. I'd rather you died too.

  57. there is no point in arguing politics over internet comments you will see me make a change in this world i swear it.

  58. No, you really won't.
    Why did you delete your other comment, by the way? You said you were done. And yet, here you are, replying again.
    You have just completely ignored my point because you know it to be inarguable. I'll make it easier for you though, seen as you seem to struggle to stop replying after you said you would.

  59. I would have been highly pissed and divorce the fiance!!! Also sue everyone in the prank…that's messed up and not funny at all!

  60. This issue is raised whenever we're electing new leadership "will he/she take away guns, reform guns, raise sanctions on them," etc. The country is torn because it is believed to be an American birth right, most elected officials opt to avoid it in lieu of popularity&have chosen to tackle what they deem as less heated, i.e. health care reform which. Now that our Gov't has shut down certain factions because Republicans refuse to bend you can see why it's avoided image what gun reform will do.

  61. This was funny I'm sorry. My only complaint was them driving a 100 miles why he's still thinking he was going to die. As well as making him ride a bike to get home.

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