Gross But Great Halloween Party Food Ideas : Halloween Party Food: Blood Vessels for Eyeballs

Hey guys. My name is J and I’m talking to
you on behalf of Expert Village. On this clip I’m gonna show you how to add the blood vessels
to your eyeballs. First you’re gonna need a toothpick and you’re gonna need your red
food coloring. You wanna dip that into your red food coloring, come over to your eye and
make a blood vessel. Just like that. Do this one. Of course the more food coloring you
get on there the redder it’s gonna be. I’m actually gonna just add some food coloring
to this and dip my. Well it doesn’t have to be perfect guys cause they’re just gonna get
eaten right away. And you just want it to basically look like blood. Like a blood vessel
like that. Okay guys. Once you’ve got all your blood vessels on there you can go ahead
and move on to the presentation part of your video. And that’s what I’m about to do myself.
Move on to the presentation part and if you wanna add on a little more blood to some of
these that don’t look as good you can go ahead and do that. Go ahead and just go back over
some of them and make them even more red than what they are. Cause the redder the better.
Alrighty guys and now we got our eyeballs assembled and we’re ready to move on to the
presentation. Thank you.

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  1. Ok, so today I am going to show you how to add blood vessels to your eye balls! 😀

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