Gross But Great Halloween Party Food Ideas : Halloween Party Food: How to Form Bloody Boogers

Hey guys, my name is J and I am talking to
you on behalf of Expert Village. Now I am going to show you how to actually form the
boogers and the blood onto the pretzels. Get yourself a bunch of pretzels out. What you
want to do is roll it on the outside and then wait twenty seconds. The reason you want to
wait twenty seconds is for this to form and kind-of create lumps. Once that forms on there
and creates kind-of lumpiness, you want to dip again and try to makes the lumps kind
of re-appear even bigger. You want to wait twenty seconds and then do it all over again.
Then you can do the same thing with the red. Go in here and kind-of twist it around. Now
it will get lumpy as it hardens which is kind-of what we are looking for. Twist is and hold
it there for about twenty seconds, then twist again and then roll these around in the air.
That’s why I cut these pretzels in half so you can make them smaller. But basically guys,
this is how you do it. As you can see, it looks cools and gross, but really it taste
great like cheese and pretzels. This is basically how you form the boogers, guys. Thanks.

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