Gross But Great Halloween Party Food Ideas : Halloween Party Food: Ingredients for Chopped Fingers

Hey guys! My name is J and I’m talking on
behalf of Expert Village and we’re moving on with our bloody finger recipe. For the
ingredients on these, we’re going to need Little Smokies, little sausage wiener things
that look like fingers. You can also I guess use hot dogs if you like. I prefer these.
These have a better flavor I think than hot dogs and they’re a perfect size, so we’re
going to use Little Smokies. Also, we’re going to need some tortillas, regular flour tortillas.
Depending on how many of these little bloody fingers you’re going to make is depending
on how many tortillas you’re going to need. Also, what we’re going to need is ketchup.
This is going to be the blood on the bloody fingers. You can substitute any one of these
if you like. If you want to use like I said, hot dogs, or if you don’t want to use ketchup,
something find something else that you like that tastes good and that’s red and looks
like blood. Tortillas. This is all basic stuff and it all goes together in the recipe. This
right here should be all you need to make these bloody fingers for your party. Thanks.

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