Gross But Great Halloween Party Food Ideas : Halloween Party Food: Ingredients for Eyeballs

Hey guys! My name is J and I’m talking to
you on behalf of Expert Village. On this clip, I’m going to show you the ingredients you
need to make these scary eyeballs for the little video we’re doing here. First, you’re
going to need olives with the pimentos in the olive. As you can see, they look like
eyeballs. They have that great texture to them. They’re nice and round and the pimento
is inside. It’s just perfect for the eyeballs. We’re going to need cream cheese. I recommend
the whipped cream cheese. It’s easy to spread and it still tastes great. We’re going to
need some eggs. You can use as many as you like. I got my eggs. We’re also going to need
a little bit of salt. That’s basically it for the ingredients. If you want to add pepper
or paprika, you can. It’s a very simple one that we’re doing here. It’s very effective.
It looks cool and nice. It’s great for parties and it’s cheap. I’m going to move on to the
next clips. Thanks for listening.

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