Gross But Great Halloween Party Food Ideas : Halloween Party Food: Precooking Eyeballs

Hey guys, my name is J and I am talking to
you from Expert Village. I am going to go on with this little clip that we have going
here and I am going to show you precooking tips on making these eyeballs. First precooking
tip is that I like to give is to leave your whipped cream at room temperature that way
when you are ready to spread it, it will be nice and spreadable. Also leave your egg at
room temperature, that way when you dip them in the water, they won’t be so cold that they
will cook real quick. Also, get your pot and put it on the pan and we are going to pre-heat
this. We want to stick this on high heat, that way when you put the water it is nice
and hot and ready to go. That is basically it for my pre-cooking tips. Basically, we
are going to move onto the next clip. Thanks for listening.

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