Gross But Great Halloween Party Food Ideas : Halloween Party Food: Worms for Worm Cake

Hey guys! My name is J and I’m talking to
you on behalf of Expert Village. On this clip, I’m going to show you about cutting your worms.
We’ve got our worms here, as you can see. You want to get them out. I’ve got little
ones and I got the big ones. The big ones I like to cut in half. That way they’re the
same size as the little ones basically, as you can see. Everything looks nice and consistent.
Some worms don’t look huge. They all look the same. You can use anything you’d like
in here. You can add almonds, pecans, or whatever you think would be nice for this. I’m just
going to use worms and spiders. The reason why we’re cutting these is so they’ll be consistent
with the smaller ones and they’ll look real. We want to definitely scare the kids on the
Halloween party and have a good time. I’ve got all of them cut up. We got twice as many
as we had before because we cut whole ones into two. We have the same length as the little
ones and everything is going to look nice and good. That’s it for cutting the worms
in half. Thanks.

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  1. wow. u dedicated a whole video to "how to cut worms in half" do you always treat ppl like they are stupid?u could have summed it up into 5 seconds. and why is every single thing you do clogging up youtube as seperate vids? god forbid it all be on one 4 min video. i have no respect left for "expert village" as i was also watching your "expert" hairstylist earlier today and equally as impressed. she dedicated 30 seconds to saying "make sure you open the bobby pin first" really? no shit.

  2. I agree with the person who wrote in caps!! He is just givin out tips loser. Soooo if you saw this videoo then why did u clickk it loser. Go along and getta life, my friend. You'll never be as cool ad dis guy haha

  3. @themavrck ….I second ALL that! lol – he's pure genius…twice as many worms because he cut the whole ones in two…wow, really?…LMAO

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