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Ay, ay, ay. Peep your boy. Look, he knows all the words. ♫ I know you want to ride with me shorty. Road to success and I’m swerving lanes like I’m Tory … ♫ And since when has memorizing rap lyrics been a crime? I didn’t say that it was. But I guarantee you, when that N-bomb drops, he’s not gonna stop rapping. Look. ♫ … no average pension. So, I’ma make you get the point, but I ain’t no statistician. ♫ What are you idiots doing? Waiting on Vivek to drop the N-bomb. Because he’s a cultural approrpiator. Alleged cultural appropriator. Thank you. Doug has been trying to convince us all day. Fun. I feel like we missed a lot. Here it comes, here it comes. ♫ … roll with the winner. Can’t hate me if she choose— young n***a — can’t lose. ♫ Dammit, Rafael! Every time. Wait, I don’t get it. Why do you guys think Vivek is appropriating? Think about it. From the Gucci he rocks, to the music he listens to. Right! All the drugs that he deals. Huh? Uh, which have absolutely nothing to do with black culture at all. Right. Right. But neither is rocking Gucci. We didn’t create that. If anything, the guy’s guilty of flexing too hard, not robbing us of our culture. If you ask me, I say he’s just celebrating, not appropriating. Okay, but none of y’all find it weird that, out of all the things he celebrates, it’s our sh*t? Maybe those are just his preferences. Oh, Sky. No. We have to stay woke. I mean, knowing the deep history of fetishization of black culture and especially black women — as an ally of the struggle, I find it deeply problematic to excuse Vivek’s behavior. Do you want to take this? No, no. I’ma sit shot-gun on this one. Okay, Nomi. So, as an ally of the struggle, would you consider your own behavior problematic? Because I would. Some would say you’re very similar to Vivek. I mean, you hang out with the mostly black crew, you’re rocking bamboo earrings— And apparently, now you give lectures to black people on how to stay woke. Oh my God. I’ve failed as an ally of the diaspora.

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  1. I thought you guys were reaching a little in this episode but at the same they had some valid points too.

  2. Ok really Gucci and music are the stand bearers for black culture? Ana was right those are minuscule things that really do not matter and are not signs of someone appropriating black culture. Look black appropriation like all types does exist but this isnt it.

  3. We just gonna act like Ana’s comment just didn’t happen. On another note I get why locks and wave caps are highly defensive in black culture because of how it’s been highly associated with gang culture and not a beauty technique until now. But other than that Vivek seems innocent. It’s kind of like toting the line of sampling and stealing someone’s flow. Acknowledge the past and add new spins to it but don’t ignore it’s roots and those before it.

  4. Here is the thing though, there isn't one set way of being black. African Americans from different parts of the US are culturally different from one another. The west isnt like the east, and the north isnt like south. Rap music is a big part of generalized black culture, especially during the 90's and early 00's, but even then the music was about letting everyone see the struggles and social/racial equality.

  5. Celebrating considering it's actually his real race and he's really not Asian…. although he plays the part well. 😂😂😂😂

  6. "you hang out with a mostly black crew"… Having a lot of black friends counts as cultural appropriation??

  7. I gotta say again what does the crew even know about vivek or his culture? Like how you know he don't celebrate his own shit but I digress he hangs out with yall all the damn time what do you expect him to celebrate. If you not gonna give an all access pass to another minority who literally only ever with hangs you guys what determines who gets it.

  8. This was a dumb storyline. Vivek wasn’t doing anything wrong. I would get it if he stepped over boundaries but he didn’t. He didn’t claim anything as his own and wasn’t offensive. The ONLY thing was maybe him and the waves and that was more dumb than anything cuz he doesn’t have the hair for it.
    Plus Jazz’s reasons were dumb as heck . Rocking Gucci? Listening to rap music? Please 🙄

  9. Sky is right. I would have felt far more offended by Nomi than by Vivek . I hate it when people (no matter their color) try to tell ME how to feel about my own people's struggle.

  10. okay first off im tired everytime i hear bitches getting mad at kk Demi or anyother nun black artist for wearing braids or anyother hair that black people always wear and think there appropriating dont be mad at them be mad at yourselfs cause yah are the ones saying oh its a new trend or there came out with a new style there just wearing hair and yah are the ones thats making a big deal of it

  11. This conversation about cultural appropriation is hypocritical, annoying and counterproductive to equality. The music they are so proud of is made with instruments created by white people the language to write music was created by white people, the clothing they wear was designed by white people, the education they r getting was designed predominantly by white people…. how is the use of these things not cultural appropriation?

  12. This current trend of the black community the gay community trans community etc. to define themselves as an independent tribe Means they are not part of the main tribe … hard to have unity When a tribe trys so hard to be apart.

  13. Its already hard enough fighting against people who hate black people. Im not starting trouble with people who actually like us. Plus black culture is more than just hoop earrings and durags it's not so easily defined as this show would have u believe

  14. I think all the points made in this episode were valid. However I think making this Viveks storyline was dumb. You mean to tell me these people have been friends with him for a year and have a problem all of a sudden 🙄

  15. Black American's appropriating African culture for the longest time, claiming they're aboriginal Americans then coming here to act butt hurt when everyone else tries to participate in stealing the African culture they steal and have refused to identify with. Gtfomf

  16. They had a good discussion about cultural appropriation in general and I totally agree with the girls that Nomi overstepped, but saying Vivek was appropriating is a bit much. When we reach a certain age especially, our social networks determine our behaviors, and that’s all I saw is that he maybe picked up a few preferences and habits from who he hangs out with. There was no bad intention on his part at any time, so this felt like a bit of a reach to me.

  17. This is never going to end its like beating a dead horse and a waste of energy listen we all do shit that can count as so call appropriating so if we gonna keep bitching and crying about every little thing how about no one borrows from no ones culture or eat dress or even wear from other cultures or even listen to music. Look how dumb it sounds or maybe i don't get it because im not a black American and being a mixed Caribbean person i would get slammed that i can't relate with the struggle but they're has to be a better way.🙄🙄🙄

  18. It's funny because they tried to invalidate Doug so much. And, while Vivek didn't have ill intent, he ended up damn near telling Doug, he wasn't truly being himself.

  19. black people are pretty funny like black women wear weaves which they get from brazil or some other spanish country but when they see a another person of different colour wearing braids they scream cultural appropriation

  20. This entire episode was stupid. I'm sick of shows trying so hard to show horn in "woke" messages that they miss the whole point and often do more harm than good.
    First of all, the friend group is made up of black people, a Indian guy, a Cuban girl and a Jewish girl. So acting like no one but the black people of the group could understand what they were talking about is ridiculous.
    Second of all, he was in no way appropriating. Nothing about the way he was behaving was appropriating because like Aaron said it is pop culture, but also and possibly more importantly, it was mostly just him being him. He always liked luxury brands and talked like that. And the part about the wave cap and brush are just ridiculous because black people aren't the only ones who use those techniques of styling, but also he didn't change the name or claim to invent it like with the aforementioned "boxer braids".

  21. Watch the whole episode before y’all comment about what “isn’t appropriation.” It was scripted very well, especially for the generation who thinks “the struggle is over,” of the “n word doesn’t mean anything.”

    P.s. if you’re not Black, and arguing this isn’t appropriation, please have several seats. Only the culture in-question can determine offense. It’s no different then telling someone Japanese to Not be offended by the trademark scandal of “Kimono.” Who are you to tell someone they’re shouldn’t be offended ✌🏾

  22. SOME African Americans who complain about appropriation are such hypocrites. SOME Black women constantly use blond weaves or super straight hair wigs, skin lightening products, blue eyed contacts.. all of which are natural to some blacks women but the vast majority isn’t. They made a scene when Kylie had corn rows like stop with the hypocrisy! Get woke

  23. The way Nomi talks reminds me so much of my teachers at school. In New York a majority of school are segregated with mainly blacks and Hispanics and when we learn about racism and history’s impact , it’s always the white teachers pushing that agenda. It’s just weird to me how they act like they know so much about it when we understand the message and don’t need non-black people to tell us how to feel/ write about it.

  24. Reaching why do people love to tell black people when it comes to Black Culture that they are reaching? please tell us how something we created is reaching? I never see this when asians call it out, latinxs, natives etc. But black people always reaching? Every time yall open ya mouth its to shut black people down they dam near gave reasons to x y z but in the most lightest tone but that was reaching?

  25. I mean even black people can not be woke and can be gently remined. look at the black people the karjenners hang out with. they choose not to address problematic behaviour just to stay friends with rich tv people. it's the same as one black friend telling me it's ok for her if I use the N word. I will still not use it cause she can't speak for a whole ethnic group.

  26. Isn't appropriating when the majority takes from the minority, pretend they created it and make money off of it? This guy was just rapping along with a song.

  27. Vivek was just being himself really. I found it endearing having him rap the lyrics. What I did find offensive was what Nomi did. Telling people what they should be offended by. Its shit like this that, has lead to so many people in this generation being soft. So many things that shouldn't be offensive are now deemed offensive because some 'woke' person got up one morning and decided that this is offensive.

    Edit: Then they go and tweet everyone about it. Now everyone thinks it.

  28. Ana is stupid and ignorant… and I can’t take Aaron seriously when he talks about black issues, because he is colorist ….

  29. I'm black and I'm with Aaron with this one, I don't feel they're appropriating our culture, I feel kinda flattered actually that they celebrate others besides just their own. Ana was trippin tho 🤷 drug dealing is not black culture 🤨 smh

  30. It seems to be it wasn't about Vivek at all , it was about Doug being bored so He had to pick a non existent beef with Vivek so He can feel validated with himself . I mean Vivek seems to be a great guy so why trash him behind his back and not to speak him directly .

  31. Vivek is the most harmless person on that show and I'd never call him out for cultural appropriation. He's truly just so nice and funny person lol.

  32. This show needs more balls. If you’re gonna talk about cultural appropriation then try to at least portray what it actually looks like? And actually do have a conversation about it? Idk lmao this episode was extra asf and didn’t say anything about anything after all.

  33. The guy who plays Vivek is Filipino. And they had to make the only asian character in the show the one that's awkward and can't get any of the girls? For a show that tries to be woke, it should do better.

  34. If Nomi were more educated, perhaps she would have realized the amount of things they were using invented by Jews, from google, social media, technology, internet etc. That would have been a good killer argument and shut down everyone.

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