GRWM -New Years Eve Holiday Party Nail Makeup Hair Tutorial + Outfit Ideas

Hello babes! Welcome back to my channel and
Happy New Years! I going to be getting ready for a party soooo hopefully you guys want
to get ready with me! Yay! Also In the description down below I will be announcing the winners
from the Holiday nail contest! If you
won make sure to send me an email at [email protected]! Now, Lets get Ready! Since cosmopolitan and cover girl will be
ringing in the New Year’s I wanted to create a Glam pink Accent Mani! To you start out this manicure Paint your
nails any color you would like… The pink base I’m using is called constant candy it’s
this beautiful bubblegum pink color! To create the confetti I’m using two colors,
Gold and Pink. Taking the color bombshell and a small dotting
tool or a bobby pin. Create small pieces of confetti going different directions on your
nail. Fill in the remaining space with gold confetti
I’m using the polish “golden opportunity!” For my accent nail, I want to do something
a little bit bold so I decided to paint my accent fingers different colors using the
polishes that were used to create the confetti! Here is what my New Year’s Eve confetti nails
when they are finished! Lets move on to face make up and allow my nails to harden! For my face makeup! To save time I have already primed. Foundationed.
(is that a word?? Lol) and contoured my face… I am going to start out by priming my eyes
with Macs Paint pot in soft Ochre… I am going to be wearing ALLLOT of eye make up…
Its new years! Woo! To keep the edge nice a sharp I will be applying
some tape to the outer corner of my eye. I want to create a look that everybody could
do… I feel like many of us have the naked palettes…so Taking the color foxy i’m going
to apply it underneath my brow as a highlight. Taking booty call I’m going to highlight the
inner corner of My eye. To create the base for my gold eyes I’m taking
half baked and applying it all over The lid and I will little bit up into the crease
…with any kind of like smoky look…. I like to start out kind of light and work dark
this way I can create dimensions and also make adjustments… Heading over to the naked palette I’m taking
tease and applying it to the crease section and a little bit into the under brow.. Now
using a darker color, buck I’m going to be applying that into the crease of my eye and
a little bit down the side of the tape to make sure there’s a nice wing. I picked up this large glitter from my local
craft store, Michael’s. To apply the glitter I’m taking Sally girl gel adhesive for glitter
and applying a small amount on the back of my hand…I recommend using a synthetic brush
when applying the gel and glitter mixture to the lid. To really make this look pop I blended the
large glitter with a pearlized pigment gold clusters by mac in scatterrays and applying
it all over the lid. Now I’m ready to remove the tape! LOOK at
that gorgeous, sharp line! love it! for the lower lash line I’m applying YDK onto
a small brush and applying it to the outer third and pulling the color down and out to
make my eyes appear larger. To make my eyes pop I’m going to Tight line
my eyes using all does I cram in black tight now using else liquid eyeliner and black I’m
going to create a winged I selling the sharp line that I created with the eyeshadow. I’m
using least dramatic lashes by NYX. Well the latchet glue is drying I want to go ahead
and link them in my lower lashes and apply my favorite mascara. Even though the holidays
are over I’m still digging the red lip so…..add Music and looking cute So for my hair I wanted to create a lot of
volume and A lot of glam! So I started by sectioning off my hair and teasing each section
at the base with a paddle brush. Now that I’m done with the sides I like to do the center
in the front by pulling all the hair to the front and teasing it to the back. now I’m running a brush through my hair to
smooth it out and I don’t push down too hard because I just want to smooth my hair out
I’m gonna pull my bangs forward and position my favorite headband! …You know how some
headbands are too tight and eventually you take it off because it gives you a headache
or its loose and keep moving around or falling off? Well this headband has adjustable strap
so it’s super comfortable!! Plus I’m obsessed the White and black crystals! Soo glam Now let’s get dressed! To start out my New Year’s Eve look I grab
this beautiful bandage dress from Bebe… This dress is no joke! It hugs me in all the
right places! I picked up this beautiful necklace at TJ
Maxx. For the shoes I grabbed these gorgeous nude
strapy heels from BeBe. They are super comfortable and I cant wait to dance the night away in
these! If your Inspired,,,Make sure to share your
New Year’s Eve nails outfit and hair. With me on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram. thank you so much for watching and if you
want to see more videos like this one it’s the first one I have EVER done like this!
Make let me know by leaving this video a thumbs up! I am Wishing each of you the happiest
of New Years! Love you all!

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  2. FUN FUN FUN, GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!!! More videos like this one, you are so cute love your personality G! I will be staying in this New Years and relaxing but wowza this is gorgeous and definitely head turning girl! WELL DONE! XO, <3 the other G!

  3. Watched one video and im already obsessed with youuuuu!  I would love to be friends!
    I also make videos if you want to get to know me better :D

  4. Love love love the tape idea. I've been wanting a way to get that sharp look 🙂 now I just have to buy the first naked pallet to complete the look. Have fun!

  5. Girlie, you are gorgeous!!!! I am so ready for the new years. I Am better thank goodness. Up watching Breaking Bad and you 😊

  6. Oh goodness, please, please, PLEASE don't use craft store glitter on your eyes, it's not safe! Craft glitter is cut way larger and sharper than cosmetic glitter, if that falls off and gets in your eye, it could very easily scratch your cornea or go under your eyelid and cause injury! I have seen that happen, it's definitely not pretty…

  7. Ah your nails are SOO CUTE! I love your makeup it's so pretty and creative, and that headband just pulls the look together! Gorgeous (:

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  9. your nail art is stunning !I love his video  ! you have an amazing channel!!!!! x would you mind visiting my channel and subscribing?xx

  10. Happy new years beautiful LADY!! 😉 (yes I ALWAYS read the description box
    You probably didn't turn heads…..YOU BROKE NECKS!!! You looked hot babe! Miss you! ♥

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