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  1. Great director that has always done the genre he loves, sci-fi and fantasy. Years and years have paid off with an Oscar. Now younger directors will have doors opened because of him. He is extremely talented and humble. Yes, he feels like a child in a candy store. He is probably looking to see what actors he will write a story for. He is like Quentin Tarantino. If he picks you is because he wrote something e specifically for you. He wrote The Shape of Water specifically for Hawkins and Spencer. He can get anyone to produce his films because he is considered part of the cream of the crop of directors. Yes. For those haters that are not happy that 3 Mexican directors win in the space of 5 years.

  2. I am always in awe of how Guillermo Del Toro is able to string English words together in the most intricate and beautiful way, even though it's not his native tongue.

  3. OMG! He's adorable! A talented visionary AND funny to boot! He seems like a really cool and down-to-earth guy!

  4. If you guys enjoyed The Shape of Water, you should try Pans Labyrinth, it's in my opinion, del Toro's best movie.

  5. "When Mexico sends it's people they're not sending their best" They sent Cuarón, Iñarritu, Nyong'o, Lubezky, Del Toro, Prieto, and Molina which together have won 15 Oscars in the last 5 years.

  6. If you'd live in Mexico you'd know mexicans LOVE ghosts stories, this guy is as mexican as it gets. Legit guy.

  7. FUN FACT: Shape of Water is the first movie since Million Dollar Baby to win Best Picture with a December release date

  8. I gonna write in spanish: Guillermo del Toro es una verga pero debió ganar el Oscar con el Laberinto del Fauno, La Forma Del Agua no es tan buena como su trabajo anterior, pero comparada con el resto de las participantes sí se merecía la estatuilla

  9. Sorry but it's disgusting how they use that "Guillermo" guy on kimmel, not Guillermo Del Toro, but the other one as a clown for being "Mexican". Sure the guy doesn't say anything because he's earning money, but it's disrespect to all of us, it's like using someone from a trailer park in US as someone to make fun of in a Mexican show just for being the way they are. Jimmy Kimmel you are racist.

  10. #yosoymexicano ,Nobody loves life more than us (the Mexicans), because we are aware of the Death ,,,,,, Guillermo del Toro, Director, film producer ,,,,,,

  11. The people say why you didn't make it in spanish? Why you made it in English?
    -It was weird enough in any language


  12. if there’s a third pacific rim he should direct it or it would ruin his legacy like the second one did

  13. "You count every step… you see everybody's pores 😅😅😅😄 you're aware of the dust floating in the air… i love him!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Can you call the Monster to get me out of the Army? The Cleaning Lady. I saw you you were in Brussels last night. Pleace call Harry;

  15. The pictures 😂 I saw a Facebook event about celebrating Guillermo if he won ( en la Minerva ) sadly I had to work :/. Good job my man 👍

  16. as Lovecraft fan i trust only Del Torro to make Mountains or whatever based on HPL, but it
    feels like it would never happen, like its cursed… sad

  17. I love Guillermo, such a genuine filmmaker.
    Regardless of it you enjoy his films or not, you can tell they are authentically his own and come from a very personal place, which is exactly what a movie should be.
    Thoughts and feelings given form with the purpose to entertain and inspire.

  18. He's the guy who make Silent Hill and Pan Labyrinth and Hellboy his character monster style design are scary and creepy and excellent completely cool best monster of all time in movie of horror.

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