Guys Have A Slumber Party For The First Time

– (laughter) What are you doing? – So tonight I’m hosting a
slumber party for a few guys around the office because
they’ve never had a slumber party before and they seem pretty clueless. – Pillow fights. That’s a thing, right? – Pillow fights, for sure. – Yeah, no, pillow fights are not a thing. I’ve come up for a few
activities for them, so I hope they’re excited. – Yeah, very excited. – I am so down. – So, I’m sitting here and
it’s been legit almost an hour, I have no clue what they could be doing. – Any whipped cream on that? – Oh yeah, for sure.
– Oh yeah, for sure. – Jasmine, what are we gonna be doing? – First, you guys are going
to be applying face masks to each other. – That feels great. – That is like a legit mask. (laughs) – Don’t shake my head too
much, just lost a cucumber. – You kind of look… – Terrifying?
– Oh god. – Look, you’re supposed to try and relax. – There you go, now just relax, buddy. – More with your fingers. – I’m going to, I’m just
squeezing it all out first. Uh oh, I got some on your
onesie too, by the way. – Let me take off my face. – Whoa, dude. – It’s like peeling the
plastic off of a new iPhone. – You’re the new iPhone. – I’m the new iPhone. – So I’m deciding on having
them do a two minute manicure because it is the hardest
thing to do and I also think it’s ever harder painting
someone else’s fingernails. – I look really good in green, but I also like the color purple. – Do you wanna do both? – Let’s do both. – Gustav, how’s your family? – My family is great, can’t
wait for them to see this video. – Kenny, you’re gonna look fabulous. – Thank you.
– (laughs) Shit. – Believe in me, okay? – I believe in you. – This ring finger looks like
it’s doing a walk of shame. – I did a pretty good
job with you. Am I wrong? – No, absolutely not, it was horrible. I had the worst set of
nails at the entire party. – The third activity will be pillow talk. I’m having them do pillow
talk because I feel like it’s a good activity for everyone
to open up with each other. We’ve only seen each
other around the office and a little downtime afterwards,
so this will be really good to dig in there. So where do you guys see
yourself in like five years? – I don’t like thinking about that. I don’t even know where
I’m gonna be next year. – I would like to think
that I would be working at least someplace where I’m telling stories. I mean, that’s why I moved out here, so. My endgame really is to
just make enough money to support myself and my
family, doing what I love to do. – Are you planning on being
married in five years? – I don’t know if I’ll be
married in five years but– – When do you think you wanna get married? – Really late twenties to early thirties. – I don’t know, I see myself later. Like mid to late thirties. – I feel like I would be
okay with getting married like late twenties but
then waiting to have kids so that I could travel. – There’s a lot of things
that we unfortunately have to let go as we get older, so as an adult, to be
able to just pick a night of the week and just put on a onesie, as silly as that all sounds, it’s incredibly gratifying. – Should we do this again? – I’d be down for that. Also
if it’s a larger slumber party, maybe like seven to ten people. – That many people could
build a dope ass fort. – Oh man, we should’ve built a fort.

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  1. my favorite slumber party memories include tons of video games/card games, laughing so hard that root beer float comes out our noses, making fun of infomercials, and ending up with tons of inside jokes that we're still laughing about 4 years later ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My sleepovers included watching each other sleep, waking up late, farting on each other and watching childish movies.

  3. My sleepovers are making a pillow fort watching movies having a dance party then every one do an American idol audition with other people that are judges and making it really bad then telling the scariest stories ever then go to bed way after 4 am

  4. this video is cute because they're just a couple of friends having a slumber party and bonding. is that not the purest thing?

  5. this probably would have been so much more fun if there wasn't that girl just kind of looming over them and watching them from the sofa a few feet away

  6. my fav slumber party was when we were watching the high school musical trilogy and eating a 1kg jar of skippy each

  7. Being Hispanic I wasn't allowed to go to slumber parties because my parents didn't trust the other families.

  8. 1:44
    only all time low fans will get this non sense comment lol

  9. My slumber parties consisted on watching movies, eating pizza and playing video games…I thinks that's what most slumber parties are like, aren't they?

  10. 'yeah no pillow fights are not a thing'

    they are if both you and your best friend are very violent and one of you gets annoyed at the other with there's pillows nearby

  11. my slumber parties consisted of ghost hunting/ telling ghost stories, playing Xbox, and building forts. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ

  12. My sleepovers involve
    .watching a movie on Netflix
    .eating pizza and chocolate
    .playing on my iPad
    .never talking just texting

    (Fun times)๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ˜‚

  13. Can you guys hold a sleep over for Latinos, cause we're not allowed to sleep over. We don't know why…. we just can't 0_o

  14. Me and my BFFs slumber party :

    They pass out and I sit there for 3 more hours watching Netflix and going on Instagram then I pass out.

  15. That moment when you've been binge watching buzzfeed videos all day when you have a mountain homework still and it's 12 PM and you're laying in your bed while holding your phone and you drop it on your face…

  16. thats adorable. i cant imagine growing up and never having a slumber party. its like a rite of passage for most kids. but i grew up in a small country town where everyone knows everyone else i guess it might be different in a big city.

  17. doing a skin care activity, putting color on your nails, and talking about your feelings is fine but if it's a man that's somehow wrong…?

  18. We do none of those things at slumber parties all we do our order pizza watch three scary movies and go to sleep

  19. I've been to plenty of slumber parties and we've done none of these things. This is just her personal opinion on a slumber party, and I feel like the way she was saying things was that this is what you do at every slumber party.

  20. Slumber parties are always a great time! It's nice to see a group of guys enjoy it and there's no shame in guys having a good time hanging out

  21. Am I the only one who has no idea what a slumber party is? This kinda looks like a sleepover to me…


  23. Not accurate..where's the pushing each other off the couch, spilling at least one thing, throwing the remote, sweatpants, the yelling at the TV, dance parties, and the mom going "SHUT UP"

  24. At the end of the vid Jazz looks like a proud mom her face is just like "aw the boys want a fort how adorable"

  25. This looks so fun! I'm a teenage girl and I've never been to a slumber party. I only have like one friend too because I'm really shy

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