Gwen Stefani Addresses Blake Shelton Marriage Rumors

One of the best parts
of having my own show is that from time to time, I
have friends who just stop by, and they just want to come
and tell me something. So Gwen Stefani, come on out. [MUSIC – GWEN STEFANI, “KEEP ON
DANCIN'”] Got me feelin’ hella good, so
let’s just keep on dancin’. You hold me like you should,
so I’m gonna keep on dancin’. The performance deservin’– Hey, pal. I feel so lucky every time. I just, I know you, first of
all, because you are so cute and I love you so much. You’re cute too. Thanks for letting me stop by. This is so fun. I’m so happy that
you’re stopping by. So what’s going on in life? How’s life with the
sexiest man in the world? Gosh, that was quick. I was wondering how long
it was going to take. Well, I mean, he has he changed? Has he got into– He got sexier. Got sexier? Yeah, and it just keeps getting
better and cuter and more country. He is. He’s cute and he’s funny. So I know that the tabloids are
100% accurate with everything they say. My heart is like– it’s weird because I get nervous
when you talk to me about him. I don’t know why, but I just
feel like for some reason the cameras are rolling, and
I shouldn’t say something. But go ahead. Well. No, I’m just I’m just confirming
what the tabloids are saying, which is that y’all
are getting married. Oh. So if I say we are,
then I say we are. And if I say no we’re not, then
that would be sad too, or– Well, I mean you
will be getting– you’ve been together a long
time– it seems like you will, unless both of you have
had not good experiences and decide this is
good enough, and you’re going to keep it as is. What do you feel about it? You’re married. I love being married. What do you think I
should do about it? I think you should get married. Really? Yeah. OK. Yeah, don’t you? What are you doing? God. Well, you came to me– I’m not at your house. That is true. That is true. It seems like you came to me for
advice, and you’re asking me, and I’m telling you, yes
y’all should get married. I love you too. I– you know what? I love weddings. And the kids love him. The kids love him. We love him. Everybody loves him. Yeah, well then– He’s lovable. All right, well,
just think about it. OK. There’s no– there’s
no rush, but– I do. I think about it all the time. And does he think about it? I swear. Well you– OK. I don’t know. Let’s not talk about that. OK. Let’s talk about what
you came here to tell me. OK. All right. It’s pretty big. It is big. And I was hoping– I’m so freaked out about
it that I’m hoping that by saying it out loud
that it will actually become real for me, but– That you’re pregnant? Oh my god. Wow. No, what is it? I love you. Tell everybody. I’m excited about it. OK, well I’m going to
be doing my first ever Vegas residency
so, it’s happening. [INAUDIBLE] I’m nervous! I got nervous again. Honestly, I know I’m doing
it, and I know I’m doing it, but it just doesn’t
feel real yet. But right now look, I’m
like, oh my god I’m doing it! Well, you’re so amazing live. If you’ve ever seen her live– Thank you. Every single time
I see you, you’ve got so much energy–
you’re so great live. And that way
everyone comes to you and you’ve got this audience
and you’re in the same place and it is easy for
us to come to you. I feel really nervous about
it. but really excited. But you’re doing something
very cool with your tickets. Yes– every ticket that
I sell for the show, $1.00 is going
for Cure For Kids, which is a local Vegas charity. It just feels good, you know. And also, tickets are
going on sale to the public soon, but if you go to– is it Ellen-Gwen or Gwen-Ellen? Did you take the first name? I want you to take it. It’s Ellen-Gwen. Oh, OK. So go to Ellen-Gwen and you can
get tickets before anyone else gets– That is so rad. So you’ll get better seats
than all those people that don’t watch this show. And they don’t get to hear about
the latest about me and Blake. Right. Then you’re going
to tell everybody about the wedding date
and everything– it’s going to be great. It’s going to be
an amazing show. So along with a $100.00
to Café Hollywood, you’re getting tickets to
see Gwen and a three-day, two-night stay at
Planet Hollywood. Yay! Wow! [INAUDIBLE]

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