Gwen Stefani On How She And Blake Shelton Celebrate The Holidays | TODAY

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  1. gwen hasg uts after chasing blake an braking up blake an miranda how shame full gwen is an she braggs about it i can not stand to look at gwen are blake at least blake looks not to happy but gwen could care less blake has went threw alot of pain an sorrow an is still in love with miranda. she still has notspoke tohim.

  2. She is illuminati devil and so fake and ugly .She must know she is a big bad barbi full of plastic and stay on news .When we in love we not on news .So fake

  3. WTF did she do to her face, why do rich woman always get plastic surgery when they looked great to begin with? Now she is another robot plastic shill who sold her soul.

  4. This actually made me smile, and I hate Christmas. Gwen is so adorable and her smile is infectious. I don’t smile so much, when my wife saw me smiling she had to know what was making me smile, she smiled as well.

  5. I've always loved Gwen. I hope the illuminati stay far away from her and Blake. 🙏🏻❤🙏🏻❤🙏🏻❤🙏🏻

  6. "I like this jacket, but it's a little expensive" – it's good to think like that, but she's a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE. People who can't afford things shop Black Friday offers.. so it feels kinda unfair to know multi-millionaires are buying those items too – every item they buy is one less from someone else – they CAN afford anything they want, us 'normal' people can't. That said, I love Gwen!

  7. She have lips and face full of fillers ,
    I know because I have exactly same lips and face ,
    Is that simple , fillers and plastic surgery doing miracles

  8. Gwen darlin, ur makeup has gotten heavy i cant see your natural beauty and ur hair how can it handle all of the processing, i guess its pure show biz but i feel we're losing ur true beauty behind all that and no mistake luv ya

  9. Obviously she hasn't had a boob job. Morons. I worked for a team of board certified plastic surgeons for years and I can detect both a boob job and facial plastic surgery when i see it. If she's had fillers oh my gosh and so freaking what. I would too and so would the haters if they could afford it so zip it. She's incredibly beautiful inside and out and all the haters can move on. Jealousy pure jealousy.

  10. Who cares what she does to her face? It’s her face. Blake’s not complaining, what right do other ppl have to complain?

  11. I dont care who have or no plastic surgery fellers etc at all .ans i dont see anything wrong to admit. Yes i do have work done .i hate when they think we are so stupid believe she have full face and lips and boobs now age 50 .Never had before but have now .

    If they lie i have problem with that. .but normaly i dont care at all do what you do is your body your life

  12. Gwen never cooks and stays away from the stove and oven because if she gets near a hot stove while cooking then her ugly face would just melt away like a candle right into the stew and it'll be called wax stew instead of beef stew ☠☠ what a stinking pig 🐷🐽🐖she is

  13. After seeing the behind shots with the couple on ugly dolls premiere redcarpet we see how they spend their time together. LMAO

  14. Gwen has said she thinks she’s not an attractive woman. She really does believe that too. Just goes to show how we lack confidence but really shouldn’t!

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