Hackers Find Missing People For Fun

– [Interviewer] What
do you think happened? (sighs) – [Nathalie] I have a father
that is missing since 1988 on Father’s Day. – [Narrator] Every year, hundreds of thousands
of people go missing. People like Nathalie’s father. – [Nathalie] The police told
us the only thing we can do is report him missing. I was so upset. – [Narrator] There aren’t enough resources for the police to find everyone, so people like Nathalie are left to search for their missing
people on their own. But now a group called Trace
Labs brings together hackers from around the world to use their skills to find real missing people. They’ve turned it into a game, where participants find
clues in exchange for points, and it’s working to help find them. (mysterious music) (phone rings) – [Nathalie] One night my best
friend called me and said, hey Natalie, did you
heard about Trace Labs? They look for missing
person, it’s hackers. I said, what? So, I wrote a email to Robert Sell. I said can you help me? And he said yes. – [Rob] I think because
I’m in search and rescue, I get to see things
that most people don’t. I get to see all the
people that go missing, and as I was paying attention to that, I noticed that there’s a lot
of people that go missing that we never look for. I always wondered who is
looking for those people if I’m not? And sometimes it’s nobody. (mysterious music) – [Narrator] The person
behind Trace Labs is Rob Sell. He’s a tracker for search and rescue, and a computer security professional. – [Rob] Trace Labs
became really a blending of those two passions. – [Narrator] As a tracker, Rob looks for little clues and details that paint a bigger picture about a person’s direction
of travel, their speed, or state of mind. Trace Labs takes the same
approach to online searching, finding little details about
a person’s online activity can add up and help lead investigators to their current location. – [Rob] We’re addressing all
those people that go missing that nobody’s looking for right now. (sirens scream) (intense music) – [Narrator] Rob started Trace Labs as a way to educate people and get them involved in the process of open-source intelligence
gathering, or OSINT. – [Rob] When you go to
a typical conference, a security conference, there’s so many different
things you can do, you can learn how to hack a car, how to hack a voting machine, whatever you wanna do is there, yet that effort is wasted in a way, because it’s not used for anything else. What we do is we take all that effort and we put it into something that’s actually gonna benefit society. Good morning, how you doin’? – [Student] Good how are you? – Not bad, Rob Sell,
nice to meet you Chris. – [Narrator] Rob organizes events like this Capture the Flag game, where participants use OSINT techniques to collect data that could be used to help find missing people. – [Rob] So open-source intelligence, it’s information that you would
find online on the subject. – [Narrator] As participants
gather useful information, they’re awarded points
towards winning prizes. Even seemingly trivial
data can be important in tracking someone down. – [Rob] Quite often, we’ll see a person will get
put into human trafficking, so we’ll look for their picture, because usually we can see their tattoo or some sort of sign on their body where we can identify them. Contestants that come in
will say, wait a minute, are these real missing people? And you can see their mind
change, where it’s like, wow, we’re actually changing people’s lives. – [Narrator] For this event,
Rob has brought together numerous hackers and
security professionals, all working to find whatever data they can about these missing people. – [Rob] We collect information
on those missing persons, and then give that to law enforcement to help them to locate
those missing persons. – [Narrator] Nathalie’s father is listed among several other missing people the contestants are looking for. He’s been missing for over 30 years. – [Rob] So, those are gonna be tough, and you may get very
little information on them at the end of the day, but I think any little bit that we get that we can submit to law
enforcement could help. So, when you think of
your digital footprint being out there, there’s
a concern there sometimes, but in this case, we’re using it to actually
locate those people, so the more we have of you, digitally, the better off we are in some ways, right? – People are actually helping out while they’re having fun, right? – [Rob] Yes. – Although it’s a serious issue– – Right.
– It’s a great initiative. – Yeah. – [Narrator] In the years
since Rob started Trace Labs, they’ve provided law enforcement with data on dozens of cases, even information about the
current whereabouts of people. – [Rob] What these people
here are doing today is really helping law enforcement
to locate those people, and that’s something the
families can really appreciate. (mysterious music) – [Narrator] After two days, the team finds no new
information on Nathalie’s father. But groups like Trace Labs mean you don’t have to search on your own. He’s still listed, and
contestants are still looking for any data they can find. Sharing that burden for even a day or two can make all the difference in the world. – [Rob] We’ve gamified
something very serious, which on the face of
it doesn’t sound good, but it was the only way for
us to achieve our objective of crowd-sourcing hundreds of people, and bringing them in
for that focused effort to locate that child or elderly person or whoever it might be. Anywhere I can push that envelope and allow us to do better, I
feel pretty good about that. So, hopefully this
inspires people to do that. – [Nathalie] Just to know
that Trace Labs, stranger, they would do research for
my father, I was touched. I don’t think I’m gonna
stop looking for him. I will never stop. (light music) Thanks for watching! If you like this video, don’t forget to subscribe to Freethink for more great videos every week.

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  1. Man been gone 30 years… yeah okay cuz 30 years ago he had a "digital footprint" cuz they had all sorts of technology then right ?:)

  2. I'm all for helping to find missing people, but to label these individuals as "hackers" is far from the truth. This has got nothing to do with "hacking", since none of the skills one might have has any relation to what these people are doing. They're just browsing the internet and finding bits of information pertaining to target individuals. Apart from a search filter application, there isn't anything else a hacker is going to contribute. These are just ordinary people lol.

    And also, the guy talks about "hacking a car or voting machine". wtf is that kind of film cliche nonsense.

  3. are there any results? Are people found? In one way, we like privacy, I want privacy. I have ear phones (cut) on my phone, and duct tape on all my computers, TV's etc camera's. I do not have a little footprint online becuase of my business and if I could, I would stop FB, Twitter, and even Google if I could. I do not like their tactics, expecially now before the 2020 elections. So, a footprint or not? Missing? It is an interesting concept. I would like to know the results.

  4. They don’t find missing ppl. They help law enforcement to find missing ppl that’s it. Great initiative, misleading title tho.

  5. Regardless if it sounds good or not, it amazing and smart of what there doing to find people, treating it like a game is going to help, because life plays out similarly like a game.

  6. Just want everybody to know those "points" one day are going to mean alot and be very valuable more than a credit score or your driver's license points it will be social credit score points like in China's beast system! Joke about those points now😄 but later!😭

  7. They could add hacking into IP logging websites to track a lot of perves. They're using psychological intimidation on young people and I can't stop them at the rate they're being created.

  8. Hacker 1: welllll I didn't see her on Pornhub, Facebook, or Myspace (double checks Pornhub, nope not there).
    Hacker 2 walks in and sits down: welllll I guess I'll start by checking Pornhub, Facebook and Myspace…

  9. It's amazing his skillset….on one hand he has a skill that has and is still being used by Indigenous folk all over the world for thousands of years. On the other hand, he has a skill set of modern day computers. Very cool.

  10. Hope they would venture in other fields like finding my house key, calcualator, wallet, eyeglass… I can't give those things a misscall…

  11. Girlfriend: So what's your favorite pastime?

    Hacker: I find missing people in exchange for points.

    Girlfriend: He's a keeper.

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  14. What if the people you didn't find are actually dead for a long time? Sometimes we need to consider lost things can't go back, were they belong.

  15. I can find her dad without the internet. smdh lol before the internet and hackers they’re people like me.

  16. Would you like to get trained to participate in Trace Labs events? Visit their youtube page:
    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCezKbcbnYtrwRXfGzgQMI3w and check out https://www.tracelabs.org/ for more info.

  17. I feel I just found my life calling. I do the exact same thing for online suitors. Once I located a man's home address after just two emails based on some innocuous things he wrote.

  18. https://www.mykawartha.com/news-story/4624522-who-is-the-otonabee-river-man-police-hope-newly-released-sketches-will-solve-the-mystery/

  19. The narration and speech is far too quiet compared to the loud music. Disappointing sound mastering, please consider this feedback.

  20. 2:34 wow your teaching kids how to “Hack” a car or voting machine great no wonder so many peoples cars are being stolen…

  21. Have police stopped looking for your missing loved one? Have you lost all hope in finding them? Well continue losing hope with Trace Labs! Don't believe us? Here's a story of how a woman seeked help using trace labs, and watch how we tell her we can't find her father. It didn't work for her, and it won't for you!

  22. Woman: My Father has been missing for 30 years
    Hacker: How old was he when he went missing?
    Woman: 60
    Hacker: That will cost you 5000000 points

  23. can you please find a person that goes the by the name of Shima Luan, there has been no trace of her for 3 years now, her last appearance on twitter was may 2016, all i know is that she lived in queens, new york
    please find her

  24. Please find my friends son! His name is Landon League. Landon disappeared from Las Vegas, Nevada on June 23, 2008. He was abducted by his non-custodial mother, Victoria League-Lopez. A felony warrant is on file for her.

    A photo of Victoria is posted with this case summary. Her date of birth is August 20, 1977, making her 30 years old at the time of Landon's abduction. She's described as Hispanic, 5'4 and 125 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. Victoria may use the last names Lopez and/or Lopez-Garcia. She has a scar on her lower back.

    Victoria picked Landon up from his father for a weekend visitation. Later, she called Landon's father to say she was "moving some stuff" and asked if she could keep the child a little while longer. Landon's father agreed. He never saw his son again. Victoria took him and fled.

    Victoria and Landon may be traveling in a blue 1998 Toyota Corolla with the Nevada license plate number 523UAG. They may be in Guadalajara, Mexico. Victoria has several relatives in Mexico, as well as one brother in California.

    There is some concern for Landon's safety, as Victoria has a history of domestic violence. Landon's whereabouts are unknown and his case remains unsolved.

  25. There was once upon a time as an aid to help  find missing children, their image would be
    placed on the side of milk cartons, I remember a news report from that era, a
    mother did not think her offspring would be found or even searched for. Her reasoning,
    her child would not be considered very attractive. Every time a missing person’s
    story is reported on the news, just as it was  yesterday, I keep thinking she was correct, and
    her suspicions seem to still be right all these many years later…

  26. i wouldnt work for the goverment if your hacking screw that they pay me maybe 5000 dollars per find then i might i would wear a mask tho

  27. https://outlet.historicimages.com/products/mva35777


    around 19 years of age in 1944




    Picture soon after finding the Somerton man in 1948

    Two people completely different but interesting (taken around a month before Somertan beach man died in 1948)



    1935 the man between the girls conforms to other people similar to the Somerton beach man essence European Greek , the man to the right is short and a Northern Irlander



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