Hadil playing Restaurant and selling toys food – HZHtube kids fun

Pretend Play with Kitchen cooking Kid Toys well I’m gonna get something to eat from McDonald I am hunger, i am gonna go to McDonald. I was here first, no i was here first! Welcome to McDonald, how may i help you? Can I have a cheeseburger Happy meal please? yes no problem cheeseburger happy meal coming right up! {music} wait, did I put the burger? oh well cheeseburger happy meal Oh chocolate milk and the toy here you go five dollars please, here you go, thank you! yes can
I have a cheeseburger happy meal yes of course cheeseburger happy meal coming
right up! there is no more cheeseburger! Did i put that girl two cheeseburger or one! think I put her two
by accident I guess I have to tell that young boy,
sorry we don’t have cheeseburgers but we have fries, chocolate milk, a toy no but I want a cheeseburger in my happy
meal! sorry I put that girl over there two cheeseburgers by accident maybe
you could go ask for one what wait take your happy meal so maybe she gives you
a cheeseburger you could have the full meal what! {music} guys comment down blow, why was he chasing me? I didn’t do nothing! and don’t forget to put this video a big thumbs up, like, share and subscribe. Bye

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