HAHA Thet’s all you get for dinner [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2020.02.16]

Team Old Dance New Dance wins the first place. (Team Old Dance New Dance wins the Dinner Game.) – Choose your team well. / – Congratulations. I’m good at choosing sides. He keeps winning the first place. – I won with him earlier. / – He’s the ace member. I think choosing your teammate is very important. Right. I’m going to open that raspberry wine later. I’m going to open that raspberry wine later. (Last place in Lunch Game,) (and last place in Dinner Game) Since I’m on your team, call me. Seonho lost both of them. “Dae Gi Man Sung.” You’re a late bloomer. You said it was “standby complete.” (The food is ready.) (A combination of the land and the sea) (Octopus and pork bone stew for the winner) It’s moving. It’s the dance of Team Old Dance New Dance. I have to wave like an octopus. (He learns a lesson from the octopus.) Team Old Dance New Dance. – That’s awesome. / – There are noodles. That looks great. (That’s going to recover your strength.) Bring in the food for the second place. – I like kalguksu. / – Let’s get it! Kalguksu with clams is great. That’s a sumptuous feast. That’s a sumptuous feast. Why is it so big? (Manila clams for the refreshing soup) (Noodles for the chewiness) (It will melt both their bodies and minds.) (Kalguksu with clams for the 2nd place) (Plentiful) – This is awesome. / – It’s great. It’s warm. (I also know how to eat kalguksu.) It’s a little embarrassing. Are you getting any food? (He cheers for now.) (Cute) – What is it? / – It’s cute. – It’s cute. / – It’s cute. – Are they sharing it? / – Are we only getting one? – That looks good. / – He’s closing the door. The small pumpkin is just small. The small pumpkin is really small. The small pumpkin is just small. These are the delicacies of Gochang. – We will first… / – Yes. – Go ahead. / – We can eat right away. – Should we mix it? / – Yes. – There are no chestnuts. / – Where are the chestnuts? The type of the pumpkin is called the chestnut pumpkin. It’s a chestnut pumpkin. My gosh. You have to listen carefully. I’ll try the soup. – It looks refreshing. / – There are so many clams. Seyoon, this tastes like tideland. This tastes like tideland. (It’s full of flavors of tideland.) – It does? / – It smells like the ocean. It looks good. I’ve never seen kalguksu with this many clams. They won’t leave any margin with this many clams. Are there too many? – The clams are… / – Are there too many? I could even shower with clams. Could you? Then give me some of the ones that spatter off. The ones that spatter while you take a shower with it. (Shall we taste it?) (Jerry tries the fresh kimchi.) This fresh kimchi is great. I love it. (That’s what I’m talking about.) It’s so good eating the fresh kimchi with kalguksu. It’s really delicious as I was starving. It’s great. This isn’t regular fresh kimchi. (He also takes a bite.) It’s good. – It’s really tasty. / – Go ahead. – You eat it. / – Have some more. (It suits the oldie’s taste.) (It’s delicious, but he keeps looking at other foods.) Wasn’t Seonho in the last place earlier? – He was. / – Weren’t you? No, I wasn’t in the last place. DinDin was in the last place. I was right before him. (Drawing the line) – Goodness. / – Why am I changing so much? It’s because Seonho’s energy is strong. Junghoon won the first place earlier, but he’s dragging down everyone with him. – You’re something. / – Right. I’m realizing it to the bone today. Seonho used up all his luck with Fish Sauce Coffee. (He used all his luck.) It was because of Junghoon. – Look at the octopus. / – Is it what it looks like? – It’s so big. / – It’s amazing. It looks tasty. (Eating) (Chewy) Is it tender? It’s very plump and chewy. (Ravi tries the leg.) (This tastes like) (the octopus is popping on my tongue.) The sauce tastes great. – It’s very chewy, / – Yes. but the suckers make the mouthfeel more interesting. (Ravi eats.) (A great eating show) That looks so delicious. Would you like some kalguksu? – Yes. / – We have foods and… (I want kalguksu.) The ones with food are talking. I was wondering who said that. I was just answering from a distance. – Can we eat the ribs now? / – Yes, we can. (Eating) (Amazed) – What’s it like? / – It’s plump and chewy. – The rib? / – The rib tastes plump and chewy? The way you describe the taste never changes. You have to go with Jongmin with games like these. – It’s so delicious. / – My goodness. (Mr. Meat Ravi becomes one with the ribs.) (Plaintive) You have to eat the octopus with glass noodles. – Look. / – Get some soup. The noodles look great. It’s delicious. (He teases others by slurping the noodles.) Thank you. – They gave us so many. / – Guys. – Yes. / – They’re very generous. – We have the pumpkin skin left. / – Here, try this. – The octopus tastes great. / – Let me try it. Don’t you want to know what it tastes like? – It’s the chestnut pumpkin. / – Which part? Does my voice usually not reach over there? Do they usually not hear me from here? (We can’t hear you.) (We can’t hear you.) Hey guys. Check. What did you say? Don’t you know what the pumpkin tastes like? (Try it.) (DinDin takes care fo Seonho.) You’re really… I wouldn’t eat it if I were you. It’ll taste great on the pumpkin. He’s going to tease you to death. – No. / – He’s going to tease you next week. – Okay. / – No, wait. (Who said I wouldn’t eat it?) Do you want glass noodles on the green onion or not? (I’d like some noodles.) I gave you one noodle for the past we’ve had. You’re a good person. (You’re a good person, DinDin.) (Eating) Do you have some pumpkin left? – They do. / – We need dessert. – What? / – He wants dessert. – Dessert? / – I’ll give you the skin too. You can eat the skin too. What? But you’ve finished it. The skin tastes good too. – It’s okay to eat it. / – It’s okay. It’s okay. (He’s being ridiculous.) – Seonho. / – Yes? Come to “Tasty Guys”. We’ll let you eat a lot. – Really? / – No games. – Really? / – Yes. – Do you eat without playing games? / – Yes. – We just eat. / – Do you eat without games? – We just eat. / – I thought they all played games. (He learns another lesson of variety shows.) Do they just give you the food there? With this much food, we’ll get less than five minutes of airtime. (I’m not even full to a fifth of my belly.)

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  1. This season noone going to bed hungry. Citizens from every town they visit, benefit from their presence with the work agency. And the PD is not out to beat the members!

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