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  1. Girl that intro spin!!! Also are you still thinking about doing that young adult/professional series on your channel where you feature your friends and their jobs/lives?

  2. oh girl i feel you with the employee story haha. my sister's school uniform was a red shirt and khakis so when we would go to target after school she would always get asked for stuff or if she worked there

  3. Do neck exercises daily like at least two sets daily of turning your head left to right like you are saying no with your head but try to go shoulder to shoulder. It is a secret exercise to help your head idk but it helps. I have electrotherapy system invented by this Asian doctor and he said this in his DVD along with how to use his system. I'm sure water can help too since I know I barely drink enough water but it helps and I barely do this exercise but it makes sense.

  4. Morgan maybe you should get blue light cancelling glasses for when you edit or stare at computer and TV screens. Apparently blue light rays are the damaging rays in screens so blue light cancelling glasses will help your eye health. My optician told me that. Plus it's an excuse to buy some really cute glasses that actually help you too!

  5. omg so excited for the neighborhood halloween party video!!! you always have the best decor!! you're like a walking pinterest-creating machine

  6. Get blue light glasses ! They help prevent headaches when you’re staring at a screen a lot! You can get them on Amazon they’re super cheap

  7. I always see you in Danielle and Brooke’s vids and only just found your channel 💕 you inspire me so much!! I just uploaded 🍼 THE BABY NAME TAG 🍼 for 🍂VLOGTOBER DAY 30🍂on my channel. If you fancy checking out a new channel, I’ve uploaded LOADS of different things lately….Mukbangs 🍔 🍟 What I Eat in a Day’s 🍰 Drive with Me’s 🚗 Vlogs 📷 ASMR 🎤 and Sit Down Vids 🛋 Let me know what you think, I’d really appreciate it! ☺️✌️

  8. I KNEW I SAW YOU! I was in line for stranger things and I saw you and I was like wait no way, and before I could yell your name you were gone hahah.

  9. You should definitely try icing your nose bc it really could be bc the phone thing. It can cause swelling and that causes really bad headaches. And to help with the pain I recommend ibbrophen bc it has anti inflammatory

  10. I've had bad headaches lately too! If you ever find what has been causing, I'd love to know! I think might be due to the fact that I'm staring at screens for too long and that I'm not wearing my glasses enough 🙈

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