Halloween Decorations & Games : How to Make a Backyard Haunted Forest for Halloween

Hi, my name’s Misty, and I’m going to show
you how to create a haunted house in your backyard for Halloween. First, take a look
at your backyard. Notice the space. How can you easily divide it up? Pick which rooms
you’re going to decorate, and what themes are going to be. Each space in your yard should
lead to the other, so you have a clear path for your visitors to go through. Then decorate
each space. Use outside decorations that will last, no matter what the weather is. Each
space needs to have its own atmosphere. Maybe rent a fog machine or backlight some of your
decorations so there’s a spooky glow to them. You’re also going to need characters. Find
some of your theatrical friends or talk to a local theater company. They might be willing
to help. Have each of them decorate themselves in costumes and props that fit each location,
and always have good hiding spots. Imagine if you’re walking through here and someone
jumped out from behind here. Surprise — you have to have the element of surprise.
Think about who’s going to be using your haunted house, and decorate the themes to that age
group. You’re going to want to stay away from the gory Halloween decorations if your haunted
house is for the younger ones. The older kids like that kind of stuff, so add a little fake
blood droplets here and there. But remember, always have fun, be creative, be safe, and
have a happy Halloween.

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