Halloween Decorations & Games : How to Throw a Halloween Party for Kids

Hi, my name’s Misty. I’m going to show you
how to throw a Halloween party for your kids. First, start with the invitation. Make sure
it has a proper beginning and ending time so parents will know. Next, make sure on your
invitation, you say whether it’s a costume party or not, or if you’re having a costume
contest. Have an activity for the kids as soon as they arrive, such as bobbing for apples.
It’s messy, they love it, and they can join in as soon as they get there. Have lots of
fun treats. And with kids, you might want to stick to plastic, but get creative with
it. Don’t just get plastic cups — find some with designs on it. During the party, have
a ghost hunt. Create some ghosts out of tissues, but hide candy in them. When they find the
ghost, they get a treat. Remember to always be safe, and have a happy Halloween.

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