Halloween Decorations & Treats for Parties : How to Decorate Halloween Cupcakes

Hi, this is Karen from Expert Village. Now
we are going to finish decorating our rotten cupcakes. I found this licorice and when you
cut it, a slice like that, it kind of looks like a bug. If you take off a few of these
and that looks a little like a bug and you can stick bugs on there. Whatever you find
in the candy store that looks a little gruesome. You want it to look like dirt and rotten.
Okay, let’s do the spider rotten cupcake. Just dip your cupcake in dirt again and I
am going to use this black licorice for the legs and we will just cut four pieces. You
can just break off four pieces for the legs and just kind of criss-cross them on the cup
cake like this. You arrange it anyway you like. They have all kinds of gummies and candies
in all different shapes. Here is a gum drop with some little black balls, that makes a
good spidery looking thing. And then if you use the gummies or gum drop and you just pinch
off a little bit, it’s very sticky, and you can stick it right on the cupcake for eyes,
right on the little black gum drop for eyes. There you have your rotten spider cup cake
and your rotten wormy cupcake.

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  1. i hope those arent served at parties cause shes like useing her nails to pinch stuff off and squishing it together -__-

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