Halloween Decorations & Treats for Parties : How to Make a Ghost Decoration with Foil

Hi! This is Karen from Expert Village. Now
we’re going to make a mold. I’m going to use my glue container and some tinfoil to make
a mold for our ghost. Now, you want to shape the tinfoil with something that has a head
and maybe some hands. Whatever you want to do, you’re the sculptor. Put it on to a base.
You can put it on a bottle, anything you want and set that on your surface. Then take your
saturated cloth. You can give it a little squeeze to take some of the glue out. Take
your saturated cloth and we’re going to drape it over our mold, and just work with it and
shape it so that it looks like ghost. You can bend the tinfoil and drape the fabric
any way you like. You can make them tall, you can make them short, you can twist the
corners and the ends of the fabric to make it look a little bit more wispy. When you’re satisfied with you shape, then
you just let it sit and dry. This will harden enough to be able to take the tinfoil out.
You’ll have to dry this overnight. Just let it sit in a dry spot and then it’ll end up
like this. I just pulled the tinfoil right out of it, and you see that it will hold its
shape. Then you can take a marker and draw a little face on that ghost. Here’s a great
idea to use with your gauzy ghost. Get one of these light up toys that you get at the
dollar store and just put it underneath the ghost. This will look great sitting on your
window seal.

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