Halloween Decorations & Treats for Parties : How to Make a Popcorn Hand for Halloween

Hi, this is Karen from Expert Village. Now
I am going to show you how to make a ghoulish hand popcorn snack bag. For this project we
will need a bowl of popcorn, a clear plastic glove, you don’t want the latex gloves, you
want the clear plastic ones that don’t have any of the powder on the inside, some candies
that will look like fingernails, gum drops are good, gum balls, candy corns you can also
put in there, they will look a little bit like fingernails, anything that will look
like fingernails, and a piece of ribbon or twist tie, or something to tie it off. Okay,
so the first thing we are going to do is make our fingernails and you can put any kind of
candy into each of the fingers and thumb. Just drop them right in there and get one
in each, or I have some of these gum drops they are small so I will put two in there,
they are small so I will put two in there, whoops, they don’t wan to go. It might help
to open up the fingers a bit first before you put your candies in. We will drop that
one in there and get another gum ball. Okay, and now we are going to fill it with popcorn
and then you want to work the popcorn into each of the fingers. You shake it down. Sometimes
you have to crush the popcorn a little bit to get it into the fingers, you want to just
kind of push it in there, some of the pieces are big. You fill it up and you shake it down. You
put in as much popcorn as you can and then we will tie it off. Okay, when you get it nice and full, get all
those popcorn into all the fingers and you just twist it up on top and tie it with a
and that is our ghoulish popcorn hand.

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