Halloween Decorations & Treats for Parties : How to Make a Pumpkin for a Pumpkin Patch

Hi! This is Karen from Expert Village. Now,
I know you’re having a hard time believing this going to be a pumpkin. Take your fabric
and we’re going to wrap our toilet paper roll. I found the best way to do this is to take
the middle of the sides and tuck those into the hole first. Then take the middle of a
side and tuck that in. Now you’ve got the corners hanging out. Tuck the corners in.
Now, with the corners, when you’re tucking the corners last, that can give you a little
bit of bulk, a little bit of ruffle. That gives it more roundness. Now, go to the other
side. You have your corner sticking out here and your corners sticking it out here. Grab
the center of the side and tuck that in first. Then use your corners again to give the pumpkin
shape. Just tuck all that excess fabric into the center of your toilet paper roll. Now
you can’t even tell it’s a toilet paper roll. It looks pretty cute. My leaf is not completely
dried, so I’m going to use one that I’ve already glued on and is dry. Wrap the leaf around the stem like that and
give it a twist right in the center. Then we’ll take our pencil and wrap the pipe cleaner
around the pencil. Now, that gives your green pipe cleaner a nice viney look. You can bend
that anyway you like. Also, you can bend the pipe cleaner that is on the leaf to give you
a nice natural looking leaf. Then you just stick your stem right down the center, and
there’s your pumpkin for the pumpkin patch. This is the real quick and easy craft to do.
You can make these up and put them all over your house with all different fabrics, and
it really has an impact.

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  1. This will be a great craft for my daughters 2nd grade class party! Thankyou!
    Please watch the filthy comments! Totally uncalled for! Grow up!

  2. Love this pumpkin! IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A SAFE SPOOKY VID to show the Kiddies on HALLOWEEN, please watch "Omen Birds Attack.." on my channel 🙂

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