Halloween Decorations & Treats for Parties : How to Make a Spider Body Out of Pipe Cleaners

Hi! This is Karen from Expert Village. Now
I’ll show you how to make this great pipe cleaner spider. For this project you’ll need
2 black pipe cleaners, a pair of scissors, and maybe some thread if you want to hang
them. The first thing you’ll do is take your one pipe cleaner and fold it into 3 even sections
and cut at your fold. Now, take that one section and cut from your second pipe cleaner in equal
amounts so you have 4 legs. Then for the head, you’re going to make a little circle. Wrap
it around your finger so it goes around twice like this, and then twist the end together
there. That’s your head. Then take a pencil and wrap the rest of that around the pencil
like that, and then just bend it up. This is your body and you can stick the end sort
of inside the middle so you end up with a little ball for the body. Now, we’ll take
our first leg and you lay it so it’s a little bit smaller here than here because we want
to wrap it around once, and now the legs are even. Do that again a little bit longer on
one side, and then you wrap around with that side. We’re going to put the 4 legs because
a spider has 8 legs. 1, 2, 3, 4.

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