Halloween Decorations & Treats for Parties : How to Make a Spiderweb Table Cloth

Hi. This is Karen from Expert Village. Now
I’ll show you how to make this spider web table top decoration. For this project we’ll
need one of those disposable tablecloths that feels like a cloth. Not a plastic one. Yeah,
you could try plastic but the cloth one is better; a permanent marker and a pair of scissors.
So take your tablecloth and fold it into quarters. I have you see I’ve folded half and quarters.
And lay it on your table. You’ll decide how big you want to make it. And then we’ll mark
on the side, we’ll make the web design. Just draw with your marker some nice big semi circles
like this and you’re going to go from this corner and kind of make a little bit of a
circle, like that, but with the web design. And then cut that out. Okay. Now, you’ll need
to lay it out on the table completely open.

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  1. Why the hell would we want Halloween decorations in February?
    You've let me down again, expertvillage channel. And now, I shall unsubscribe. =(

  2. I guess then it makes more sense to get your instructions and make your decorations on the actual month the holiday happens, instead of making them with plenty of time not only to perfect but to enjoy as well…..?????

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