Halloween Decorations & Treats for Parties : How to Make Ghost Cupcakes for Halloween

Hi, this is Karen from Expert Village. Now
I will show you how to make these ghost cupcakes. For the ghost cupcakes you’ll need some marshmallows,
some marshmallow fluff and some kind of candy bits to make the eyes and the mouth. Okay,
first thing we need to do is open our fluff. Choose a nice plump marshmallow and just take
a little bit of the fluff, just a little bit for the bottom and that will stick it onto
the top of our cupcake. Now, the thing with fluff is that it’s full of air so in order
to get it some of the air out you want to stir it up in the jar a little bit until it’s
nice and stringy goopy and take a knife full of it and you’re just going to start at the
marshmallow and just go around like that and get a little bit more. Now, the marshmallow
fluff will melt so you want to be careful about how much you put on it because it will
start to drip down the cupcake, but they are fun to make so you don’t have to worry about
being messy. And one thing to keep in mind is if it’s warm out you probably should store
your marshmallow fluff cupcake in the refrigerator, otherwise they will be dripping all over the
place and then just take them out when your ready to serve. Okay, that gives us the base
of the ghost and then you want to put just a little bit on the top. Okay, and just a
tiny smear on the face to hold our candies, like that.

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  1. I think the reason she stuck the marshmallow to the cupcake and them put the fluff frosting on second was to try and make a smoother ghosty shape that blends them together, rather than there being a distinct seperation between ghost and cupcake. I don't know, does it really matter? It's a damn ghost cupcake.

  2. @hillbilly56789 marshmallow fluff is marshmallows puree So it tastes like mushed up marshmallows but fluffier

  3. tbh everyone is going to eat the mashmellow first so when they eat it there is gonna be a big hole where there no fluff </3 they're gonna be disapointed…

  4. OMG!!! It says:
    ממרח מרשמלו
    on the side of this marshmallow-jar thingy!!!
    That's in HEBREW!!!
    Does she speak hebrew??

  5. @Schlummerpiepz
    i guess maybe u could blend some marsh mellows in a blender or something??? try it!!!!!!!! or use a hand mixer and mix it till it looks fluffy?! that sounds nice

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