Halloween Decorations & Treats for Parties : How to Make Spider Legs Out of Pipe Cleaners

Hi! This is Karen from Expert Village. Now
we have our 8 legs. He looks like a rather flat spider, so now we want to shape our legs.
It’s nice to put the front legs here. If you end up with uneven legs you can just trim
it off. If you just take your finger and your thumb and you bend just a little bit on the
end, just gives it a nice look like little hands or little feet. Then curl down the legs,
and you bend them any way you want to give it a loot like it’s walking. Give each leg
a little bend on the end like that. It looks like little feet. Just bend it, pinch it with
your thumbnail and your finger like that. Now we’ll tie in a little piece of thread
so we can hand them. You can make dozens of these and hang them all over your house. Hang
them over the doorway. As people walk in, they’ll get surprises with a spider hanging
in their face. A white or black thread, something really thin. You can even use clear thread
so that you won’t be able to see it at all. Usually in dark room, you won’t see that thread.
You can make them walk with that thread. They’re a lot of fun. 2 spiders.

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