Halloween Decorations & Treats for Parties : Materials for Halloween Bat Wing Decorations

Hi, this is Karen from Expert Village. Now
I’ll show you how to make this great party favor, a flapping bat. To make our flapping
bat we’ll need a wooden skewer, a straw, a piece of black cardstock or this is that foamy
stuff that they sell in the craft stores. It’s flexible but firm. Some good strong tape,
a stapler, and a crayon for marking and scissors. Okay, first thing we are going to do is make
a pattern for our bat. I’ve just drawn a half of a bat on a piece of folded paper and we’ll
cut that out so we have a nice symmetrical shaped bat. Oops, and just cut that out. Then
we’ll trace that onto our black foam.
And then you open it up you have a nice bat shape and just with a crayon you can’t see
it good, I can see it good, trace it onto our black. You don’t want to use anything
too contrasty or you’ll see it when you cut it out. This is just dark enough for me to
see. And then we will cut out our bat from the foam. You can also use a black cardstock.
It will work just as well. Or any kind of plastic or paper that is stiff enough to hold
its shape. And just cut all those nice bat wings.

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