HALLOWEEN PARTY ๐ŸŽƒ Satan and Jesus make amends (Mormon Enlightenment)

hey Mormon enlightenment hey Mormon
enlightenment gonna take my gum out I’m a devil
all right now so we can see it sorry you know that’s not a halo that’s a like
a thing of Thor with a crown of thorns yeah
anyway we are at the Mormont’s in light we are at the Mormon enlightenment
Halloween party and I wouldn’t call it the warm and enlightenment Halloween
party it’s yeah Mormon where we’re open to whatever but these people threw a
party and so we don’t really have control over who’s invited and stuff
like that but yeah if you guys ever want to throw a party we’re all for it we’re
thrilled we will show up if we can but these people volunteered their house and
basically said you know we’re throwing a party and we’re inviting a bunch of me
people so yeah we’re like we’re all for everything social just so you know if if
you guys want to throw a party we’ll do everything we can to be there
you can come you can post about it in the Mormon enlightenment Facebook group
you can create an event and everything so yeah and it just so you know like
that’s the whole reason we created the group is so there’d be community and fun
and culture and actually coming together the only thing about social media guys
I’m just I just want to tell you nothing can replace person to person
face to face eyeball to eyeball you know literal like being with people there’s
nothing that can replace that and social media and the computer and the phone
it’s it’s great I would say it’s maybe about 80 85 percent of perfect yeah I’m
the only one that was ever perfect yeah you’re not but based you’re not perfect
at all you’re the the opposite end of the
spectrum but anyway like seriously like getting together with people in real
life that will do more for you even more so
that’ll take you to 180 85% you know if you’re on social media it’s good it’s
like really good and it actually works but if you want to get like really get
the fulfillment you’ve got to have that you know person-to-person interaction
with people and we just love making rice she’s forcing me and I’m not thrilled
about it I just went into Hartman’s cuz she’s like we got to get a few things I
don’t dress like this so we go into Hartman’s you are so brave I’d be so
scared to be walking around Utah okay Jesus
yeah we need the wine first the way it’s happened here where’s the loaves of bread and the fish
in this place I’d only need one fish yeah one level a multitude this kind of
beer Oh Jules yes non-alcoholic beer in the Mormon
Jesus Jesus have the munchies so the first thing that happens is these this
older couple looks at me like oh you you just can’t do that yeah and then we bump
into one of our children’s parents friend’s parents she’s like oh hi I’ve
never met you we’re like yeah this is great time great way to me the reason we
walk in and this guy that’s working in the ice-cream section of the store he’s
like my son yeah like boughs to me then we walk a little further and this guy
accidentally stubs his toe on our cart he’s old Jesus yeah and then there’s
other ladies like I follow you I follow you then she did this Latin lady was
like following me everywhere it was so cute she’s like I follow you not you not
I’m following you everywhere okay let’s go to the party

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  1. Guys, I am a Mormon not going to church anymore. But hurt my heart seeing Jesus as a joke……I really feel hurt.

  2. Yes I choose to be hurt Yes, you are right I chose to follow the Chanel , because I am interested in what other "ex Mormons fillings .I used my right to of expressing myself, I think I might be a little more respected at this point. Freedom of speech, it's something I started to exercise when I left the church, surprised me to see the reaction of some comments. I didn't expected anyone to jump on me with words "you choose…..blah blah blah.. I just wanted to express how I'm still choosing to respect. Jesus Cristo, even though I m not a Mormon anymore, I'm still Christian. Sorry for my English, my mother language is Portuguese. thanks guys.

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