Halloween Party Decoration Ideas for Your Buffet Table

[ MUSIC ] These easy Halloween buffet ideas
take just minutes to assemble, but the results look like you spend hours prepping for the
little monsters. Head to the party store and grab a few packages of cheap paper fans. Take
three overlapping fans together to dress up table legs. On the food table, compotes and
a vintage scale do double duty as pretty layered table decor, and as candy holders. Stick to
a simple color scheme, black, white and metallic, for example, to streamline your collection.
A color scheme can also inform your food. We shopped for matching candies, and then
added five more substantial munchies, including cupcakes and candy apples. Beside food, your
table should have a few surprises. We covered a moving hand with a glass clothe to scare
up some fun as the kids grabbed treats. Copper pails become ice buckets with flair. Group
similar drinks together so guests aren’t guessing which beverage they’re grabbing. Dry ice is
the ultimate Halloween party staple. Here’s how to get the look. Place your punch bowl
inside a larger bows that’s layered with dry ice. Prepare a pitcher of hot water. Pour
the water between the bowls so the water hits the dry ice. [ MUSIC ] The rolling smoke is
a wonderful effect. You’ll need to repeat the pour every 20 minutes or so if you want
the smoke to linger. It only takes a few minutes to assemble each piece of your Halloween buffet.
Pick and choose your poison for your best party yet.

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