Halloween Party Games

Tim: Boo! Halloween is almost here and this
year PartySuppliesDelivered.com has everything you need to throw the best Halloween party
ever. Get ready, it’s about to get scary. In my youth I was kind of a deviant. I spent
a lot of time smashing pumpkins on people’s porches. But I don’t do that anymore. I’ve
saved my pumpkin smashing for this, a piñata and plus what’s inside it tastes a lot better.
Autumn is a time for apples and one great activity at a Halloween party is bobbing for
apples. But this year you don’t have to use real apples, you can use these fun plastic
apples. Inside they come with all sorts of toys and stickers or you can replace them
with candy of your own. And there’s this pumpkin tossing game, it’s a real hoot. Throw the
candy corn bean bag and see how good of a score you can get. This Velcro target game
is a great way to say that “I ain’t afraid of no ghost.”Step right up, step right up,
pin the nose on the pumpkin. This is a clever take on pin the tail on the donkey. You just
cut out these noses and you pin the nose on the pumpkin. So this year don’t be too scared
to go to PartySuppliesDelivered.com to get everything you need to throw the best Halloween

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