Halloween Surprise Birthday Party For Our Puppy! (Mystery Present!)

– Oh wow. It’s like a little baby blanket. – [Bryan] Why would Luna need
a baby blanket, you guys? ♪ This is our life ♪ ♪ Let’s live it ♪ ♪ Live it forever ♪ – Good morning!
– Good morning! – [Bryan] What’s up, dude? – Guess what? – [Bryan] What? – It’s Luna’s birthday! – [Bryan] What?! That’s right, you guys. It is Luna’s birthday today so be sure to click that subscribe button so you don’t miss out on
all the birthday party fun. – And click that bell icon. It’s raining, guys! – [Bryan] I know, it
actually rained this morning so Ollie needed to put on his rain boots. Smash that thumbs up button if you guys think Ollie’s
rain boots are super cute too. What day is it, Ollie? – It’s Luna’s birthday! – That’s right, it’s Luna’s birthday and if you guys have not seen
the video where we got Luna, I’m gonna have it linked in the “I” card. It was a couple Christmases ago. Someone delivered her to our doorstep. Do you remember that? – It was Santa. – That’s right, so be sure
to go watch that video. We love Luna, so today we’re gonna surprise her with an awesome one, so be sure to head on down to the comments and say, “Happy birthday Luna!” And we’ll read all the
comments to her later. It’ll make her feel like
a very special puppy. – [Ollie] Look at all these cool balloons! (house music) – [Bryan] What are you fillin’ up, babe? What is that? Oh, it’s a 2? – Number 2. – [Bryan] I was like, “Is it a 5? Is it an ‘S’? Or is it a 2?” It was one of those things. Luna’s 2, can you believe that? She’s 2 years old. So we got Mimi wrapping some presents. We are all ready to surprise her, right? Oh, look at that! A big ol’ 2. (house music) – [Bryan] Ollie, why are
you dressed as a hotdog? – ‘Cause I wanted Luna to
have a Halloween birthday and we have to dress up as costumes! – [Bryan] We have to dress up in costumes for Luna’s birthday? – Yes, that’s right.
I’m a Fortnite hotdog. – You are a Fortnite hotdog? I don’t know if there is
any hotdogs in Fortnite. If you guys have ever
seen a hotdog in Fornite, comment down below and let me know. – See, I have the pick ax. – [Bryan] Whoa! Okay, so you’re actually
a Fortnite hotdog. Okay. Smash that thumbs up button
if you like Ollie’s costume. Guys, Ollie had a really good idea. He thinks we should all
dress up in costumes for Luna’s birthday. We always have lots of
costumes lying around, right? Ollie and auntie are downstairs
looking for costumes. And Mimi’s riding a magical unicorn! Awesome costume. – Finn’s gonna be a pumpkin! – [Bryan] Awesome! You look so good Finn, but
actually you’re not a pumpkin, you’re a Jack-O-Lantern! You guys, there is a giant ballerina hippo in our living room. What is going on? Who is in this…contraption? Oh, it’s papa. Hey papa. (laughs) Thumbs up if you love papa’s outfit! Three years ago today, auntie was dressed in
this alien costume, so- – Oh, hey! Why don’t you just do it
today for the costume party? – Might as just do it again. Learn and live the past, right? – [Bryan] Lookin’ good from outer space. Here we go. And we got Mr. Incredible in the house! Look at those muscles, Jimmy. Dang! Nice and squishy. (laughs) And we got some Lego Zombies! Who’s in there? Oh, I see, it’s Carlos! So I did some rummaging
through our closet, and I found this costume. What do you guys think? (laughs) I’m a Minion! Remember when we did the Minion
family dance battle party? Alright, who’s ready
to see Missy’s costume? There she is, in all her glory. What dinosaur is this one called? – Tricera Ops. – [Bryan] We’ve got
Tricera Ops in the house for Luna’s birthday. – This is literally my favorite costume, or my favorite skin on Fortnite. – Alright, you guys, now it is time to surprise Luna with our party. She has no idea. We’re basically throwing her
a surprise birthday party and we have some presents
and some cake for her too, so, let’s go make that happen. (electronic music) – [Bryan] Okay, Ollie, so Luna has no idea so we
have to surprise her, okay? – Happy birthday, Luna! – [Bryan] Happy birthday, Luna! Hi puppy! Hi girl. I can’t believe she’s 2. That’s right, you guys, It is Luna’s second
birthday which is so crazy because Finn is turning 3 this month. It’s also Missy’s birthday, so we have lots of birthdays in the family and today is a special one for Miss Luna! (whispering) But she doesn’t know what we have in store, huh? Should we go in and tell her? – Yeah. Alright Luna, come on in. – [Bryan] Come on in, Luna! – [Family] Surprise! – [Bryan] Surprise! Happy birthday, Luna! It’s your birthday! This is like the craziest
birthday party I’ve ever seen. Have you ever seen a Halloween
birthday party, babe? – No. I want one though. – [Bryan] Hey Luna,
come look at the banner! Come look, it says, “Happy birthday”! Well, it says … I think we see “Woof” and I think they see “Happy birthday”. – [Ollie] Do you see that guys? – She’s so happy. – [Bryan] That’s right,
Luna, it’s your birthday which means we have surprises. She is like the happiest
little doggie ever. – [Missy] Luna, are you a happy girl? – [Bryan] She’s like, “Thank you so much for coming to my birthday.” Alright, it is birthday cake time. – [Missy] Woo hoo! – [Bryan] Ready guys? (Family) ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Luna ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (clapping) Woo! – [Bryan] Tricera Ops,
do you wanna help her blow out the candle maybe? (blowing) – [Bryan] Make a wish! Alright, you guys, comment down below, what did Luna wish for? Unlimited bones. – I think she wished for a present. – [Bryan] Present! Which we have a ton of! Great segue, Ollie. It’s time to open presents, Luna. – [Missy] Gonna open the present? – [Bryan] Wanna open some presents? Some of us are having issues moving from one room to the next. (laughs) Why don’t you just
pirouette to the next room? (laughs) – Alright, it’s present time! We’ve got Karma here
because he is an expert at present-unwrapping. – [Bryan] Yeah. I don’t know
if you guys have seen this, but Karma does know how
to open up presents. – Karma’s like, “I’ll tell
you if this is a good one, hang on.” – [Bryan] There you go. – [Missy] She only wants
it if Karma wants it. – [Bryan] Oh, look it. She’s like, “Oh, we’ll unwrap it together.” – Oh my gosh. It’s like a pumpkin spice dog bone! – That’s what I got for Luna. – [Bryan] Good choice, Ollie. Karma is actually
unwrapping his gift to Luna, and it’s flowers! – [Ollie] This is what my
friend, Owl, got for Luna. – [Bryan] Oh, so Owl brought a present? – [Missy] This is the present? – [Bryan] So this is
what Owl got you, Luna. And look it, Karma’s still
unwrapping presents over there. Look at these flowers,
Missy, that’s so cute. – [Missy] Oh, look. – [Bryan] She’s like,
“Flowers on my birthday! You’re such a sweetheart.” – [Missy] Did you get a flower? – [Bryan] Alright, so we also
got pumpkin spice dog chews, so lots of fall-themed birthday presents. Oh, look at that toy! (laughs) – [Bryan] Whoa!
– [Missy] Ah! – [Bryan] That’s so cool! – [Missy] It even squeaks! – [Bryan] Alright, Owl
got another present. Open it up! Open it up! – [Missy] Oh wow. It’s like a little baby blanket. – [Bryan] Why would Luna need
a baby blanket, you guys? – [Missy] Luna? – [Bryan] That’s so weird. Luna got a baby blanket
in her birthday presents. – But it has paws on it! – Karma’s not too impressed, either. – [Bryan] Alright, that one’s from you? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Alright. – [Missy] The big one. – [Bryan] So Luna, can you take a break from that pumpkin spice bone? – [Missy] Do you wanna
see what’s in here, Luna? – [Bryan] Karma’s like, “Oh, I’ll get it. Is this a toy? I smell toy.” Get it, Karma, get it! He is a pro at opening
presents. It’s kind of crazy. Wait, what’s in there? What is it? – It’s a new puppy! – [Bryan] What! It’s a Zoomer robot puppy! Look at that playful pup. – [Missy] Oh my gosh. – I wanna open it! I wanna open it! – Luna! Your new best friend! – [Bryan] Now you can have a
baby puppy of your own, Luna. – [Missy] ‘Cause you’re such a mommy. – I had a kinda dream of
Luna laying a baby dog. – Laying a baby dog? So cute! – Laying a baby dog. Does that mean, like he had a dream about
her having a baby dog? – [Missy] Yeah. – That’s so cute. – Do we open this? Our new puppy? Aw! – [Bryan] This is so cool, you guys. Be sure to comment down below and wish Luna a very happy birthday! She is 2 and she is definitely
our spoiled little pup. I think she’s really liking
this pumpkin spice bone. – [Missy] She’s loving that thing. And it’s actually her birthday, like, her real birthday! – [Bryan] Yeah, it’s her real birthday. It’s amazing that we do
know that information. (laughing) – Robot puppy! – [Bryan] It’s a robot puppy! – [Ollie] Tie it on the bottom. – [Bryan] (whispering) Ollie. Ollie. So, papa is sitting on the couch and he’s eating dog biscuits. (snorts) – Didn’t you say you were
gonna have food here? Oh my god. – [Bryan] Those are dog cookies, papa. (laughter) – [Bryan] You ate one, too? Was it good? – Maybe you should feed your guests. (laughter) – [Papa] Very little flavor. – [Bryan] Does it taste like pork? Try these cookies. These ones are good. – [Jimmy] It’s almost like beef jerky. – It’s salty. – [Bryan] Yeah. These are dog cookies, papa. You don’t need to eat those. (laughter) – I literally watched dad bring over- – It was like a platter of food. I was like, “I can bring you the …” (drowned out by laughter) – This one tastes like beef jerky. – [Bryan] That one tastes like beef jerky? – Papa, you’re gonna get sick! – He looks at me and he goes, “What are these made out of?” – We almost forgot this one. – [Bryan] Hey Luna, open this one! You almost forgot this present. (toy squeaking) – [Ollie] Mama, I got a surprise for you. – [Bryan] Oh, Karma’s like, “Oh yeah.” Karma’s like, “Give it
to me, I’ll take it.” It’s a squirrel! Aw, look at that cute little squirrel. You want it? There you go. – It’s a new puppy! – [Missy] Oh my gosh, he’s rolling over! – [Bryan] It’s Zoomer! (laughs) – [Missy] He’s so cute. – [Bryan] Hi puppy. Aw. That is so cute. – [Missy] Aw. – [Bryan] What a playful puppy, huh? (howling) – [Missy] Aw. – [Bryan] That’s so cute. His tongue feels real and he’s got furry ears and a furry tail. – [Missy] He likes you. – [Bryan] Get it, Karma! Oh, get it Karma! So Karma plays this game and he basically makes it so the balloon doesn’t ever touch the ground. If it touches the ground, you lose! Aw, you lost. That’s okay. It got to the hallway. K, ready Karma? Get it! – And we’re good! (Family) Get it! – [Bryan] (laughing) Aw. I’m kind of hoping Luna will like, learn it from Karma, you know? I feel like that would be so cool. Get it! There we go. Get it! (laughter) – [Missy] Okay. I think
Luna’s starting to catch on. Let’s see. Get it, Luna. Get it! Aw, so close! She’s like yelling at Karma, like, “I don’t get it.” She’s like, “Why?” – [Bryan] You gotta get it. – [Missy] Aw, you’ll learn. You’re still only 2. (barking) – [Missy] She’s like mad at him. Finn is like obsessed
with this little puppy. Luna loves her daddy. – [Ollie] I’m obsessed with it too. – [Missy] You like the puppy? – Alright, you guys, I thought
since it was Luna’s birthday, I could probably use her help. If you guys have not seen our video, a couple days ago, we
actually found this crazy door in the boys’ room, and we still have not
been able to get it- – This is actually in their closet. We have no idea where
this goes to, you guys. It’s the weirdest thing. Look what we just found, you guys. Look at what is inside
your closet right now. (gasps) – [Bryan] There is some
creepy fog coming out from underneath the door now. Oh, look it. It’s even
coming out of the key hole. Go check it out, Ollie. – I’m scared. – If you guys haven’t seen that video, I’ll link it up in the “I”
card so you can check it out. But yeah, I’m definitely gonna
need Luna’s help I think, so Luna, I was wondering,
since it’s your birthday, can you try to sniff out anything? Luna, what’s in there? Get it, Luna, get it! Whoa, look you guys, the
purple light is there. Do you see that, Karma? What do you think, Karma? Is there anything in there? It’s the craziest thing ever, guys, so yeah, go check out that video. Give us your suggestions
on what we should do. I’m gonna head back to the party. – As you guys know, we love celebrating
our animals’ birthdays, and so this was so much fun. Now it is definitely, though, cake time. Who wants cake? – This cake smells so good. – [Missy] I know, it literally
smells like butter and sugar. Yeah, this one is for people. – Alright, Finn, I’m gonna let you take
the very first bite, okay? – Okay. – Okay, so take the bite right there. Aw! Gotcha! (laughter) – You got frosting on- – – Alright, Luna, the party’s over. – That’s right, the
birthday party is over, but we had such a blast! You trying to get my
Fortnite pick ax, bro? – Yeah, look at the glue on it. – Yeah. If you guys have not seen our video where the boys dressed
up in Fornite characters and scared Lizzy Sharer, I’m gonna have it up in the “I” card so be sure to go check that out. Hey Luna, guess what? Party’s over, I guess. Thanks for watching
today’s video, you guys. Hope you enjoyed it. We
will see you in yonna. Alright, Luna, you wanna do bye boop? Bye, boop! (electronic music)

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